New Moon movie, take 5

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Edwards Ragazza
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Re: New Moon movie, take 5

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Well incase you didn't see it on the main page of Lex they know have all the dvds up so can compare.
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Re: New Moon movie, take 5

Post by DramaPrincezz013 »

I saw this awesome deleted scene from New Moon. This one little scene brought tears to my eyes. I think they should have definately kept it in.
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Re: New Moon movie, take 5

Post by Jazz Girl »

So I noticed something today that I can't believe I never caught before. The scene right after the movie theater, when we first hear Bella's phone calls to Jake, she's sitting there with Charlie, presumably doing homework. The timing would be late March sometime. The problem? Charlie is watching a college football game on TV. College football ends in November. And, even the bowl games are all over by January. My hubs conclusion? Either ESPN Classic or something to do with the draft. Hmmmmmm...
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Edwards Ragazza
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Re: New Moon movie, take 5

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Good catch CAryn.
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Re: New Moon movie, take 5

Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

Does anyone know if theres a full screen version of new moon? Please dont just say no if you assume so, Ive been looking everywhere & Im hoping its like HP6 where everyone says no, but I find one anyway....
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Re: New Moon movie, take 5

Post by marielle »

I have finally gotten my New Moon dvd....
and I've been watching it all day, the extra's and the movie....

So I love the extra's on the dvd....
1. I love how insecure CW is....
2. I actually liked the introducing of the wolfs....
3. I have seen that i'm not the craziest fan out there, and that is comforting....
4. the deleted and extended scene... I missed to music...but I must say CW could/should have let the Charlie pieces in it they were great....

I had so much more to comment on but I have already forgotten it....
oh thing the dutch dvd sucks....Eclipse preview only 2 minutes...underscrip in dutch so badly done....and there are a lot of things i have seen only not on the dvd...
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Request a topicÈ

Post by GrayceM »

Does anyone know when New Moon will premier on Showtime? Normally, I've read that it takes 6 months to go from theaters to DVD, then to the networks...

EDIT: Still no premier date? I think it goes off PPV in a couple of weeks...and this may be posted somewhere by now and I've just missed it. Just wondering...
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New moon merchandise

Post by oldrodnok »

I liked this movie very much
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Re: New Moon movie, take 5

Post by TwilightRose1 »

where is the info about all the released DVDs???
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