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Re: Jamie

Post by -Jasper »

I love Jamie :lol:
I thought he was a lot like Seth too, he's open minded about the humans and the souls, like Seth is with the vampires and the werewolves.
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Re: Jamie

Post by Black »

Alphie wrote:Use this area to talk about Jamie. Was his trust of Wanda just from his youth and "innocence" or do you think there was more to it? How do you think he sees Wanda now? Do you think his relationship with his sister has changed through all of this?
Youth and innocence? I doubt it. He'd seen more at his age than most people see in a lifetime.
I don't imagine he looks at Wanda any differently now.

Speaking of Jamies... I had a friend named Jamie who took to randomly attacking me. It's also the name of my old math teacher's gender-confused daughter. So maybe it's a good thing that SM named her character Jamie. Maybe he can bring some grace back to the name, haha.
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Re: Jamie

Post by Faith<3 Twi »

Is it just me or does Jamie sorta remind you of Seth Clearwater? I mean they're both the "lovable kids" in the background that no one really took seriously. I mean Jamie was real sweet but the main part of the story were the issues between Mel and Wanda, Wanda/Mel and Jared, Wanda/Mel and Ian. As it was with Seth in the Twilight series it wasnt really ABOUT him but he made a really good adition to the books-(like Jamie)- like a bonus. Ha. Anyways, Jamie was a really good charater, and i think i enjoyed the story more thanks to him.
Whereas his relationship with Mel and Wanda, well, i think that Mel was really his focule point in the begining, and when he started to love Wanda as a sister too, i doubt it was part of the "plan" but now he has something he probably never dared to dream he would get, TWO loving sisters.
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Re: Jamie

Post by pennybug84 »

I LOVE Jamie! He is just such an awesome, wonderful, friendly, loving character. He's one of the few I actually really liked in this book. And I agree w/Faith<3 Twi he doesn remind me of Seth from the Twilight saga. They're both really good lovable characters. SM really knows how to create characters that are just awesome & it's hard NOT to like them!
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Re: Jamie

Post by DunnerheartsTwilight »

my inspiration on the mafia thread to name my child Jamie-Drake came from Jamie from the host!
he is the best!
i wish the book was about him :lol:
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Re: Jamie

Post by sarah! »

DunnerheartsTwilight wrote:my inspiration on the mafia thread to name my child Jamie-Drake came from Jamie from the host!
he is the best!
i wish the book was about him :lol:
Aw.... really?
I love Jamie. He's so sweet. :)
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Re: Jamie

Post by abigael_d »

my second most fave character after Ian ♥

i'd always seen him in the story as the nicest person (besides Wanda)...
i'd say that his kindness to Wanda is due to BOTH his being a youth & innocent, and his being kind by nature.

Jamie is the type of person whose attitude and kindness towards others do not get affected by whatever happens in his surroundings...
During the first time Wanda had met Jamie, she described him as person who's trying to look more like an adult on the outside. Despite of this, Jamie never loses his kindness and compassion for everyone.
He's like the person who gives everyone HOPE, despite of the worst things happening. Like how Bella described Jacob, Jamie is like the sun who balances everything out for everyone. I also see Jamie as Seth Clearwater. Like Seth, Jamie always seem to be a happy-go-lucky person, and in some ways, we can see how Jamie at least makes situations seem lighter than how other humans see them as they are.

Jamie is the person who sees through Melanie's body, sees through the true kindness and loyalty (to the humans) from Wanda, and sees through the back of her head -- Melanie, still alive.
As Wanda had mentioned, Jamie, also, is the person who sees Melanie & Wanda as a "package deal"...
As Melanie's brother, he knows that Wanda's actions are affected by Mel's thoughts, and he sees that Wanda & Mel both have the same love for him. Wanda loves him although he's a human being, and so Jamie loves her back for being such a nice being as she is.
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Re: Jamie

Post by chewie1bernie »

I love Jamie. He is such a sweet hearted kid. He has had to grow up in a too tough world. He lost his sister, he had to learn to trust Wanda. He really is the sweetest one besides Jeb and Ian. When he got sick, I almost had a heart attack. I'm so glad he was able to live to see his sister come back and see Wanda as a sweet, little girl.
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