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Teaching Eric Social Graces
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Re: Ouisa

Post by Katwomankath »

Ouisa welcome back to the Lex! Isn't this where we first met? Ancient? I guess that make me pretty much a fossil. I hope you are doing well.
Banner thanks to Ouisa!
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Re: Ouisa

Post by darkrider »

welcome to the new lexicon Ouisa!!

i'm Dark...you can call me Dark. lol...feel free to PM me if you want to chit chat...I'm a nice gal. =]]

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Teaching Eric Social Graces
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Re: Ouisa

Post by wishingiwasbella »

welcome to the new Lex! it's a great place for the addicted to feel "normal" well as normal as we'll ever get. My name is Leah. PM me anytime :-) hope to see you around the boards.
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Re: Ouisa

Post by Variety »

How did I miss your thread? I'm so sorry. I was looking for friends to welcome back, but I missed yours. It's been fun seeing the oldies come back. I hope you stick around for a while. Welcome back!
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Re: Ouisa

Post by Venecettia »

Hi! Welcome to the Lexicon, I'm Venecettia.
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