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Re: Inconsistencies

Post by pennybug84 »

The one thing that really bugged me was the family leaving Bella alone w/Charlie the first time. We know how protective they were & worried about her being a newborn vampire, and leaving her alone with a human. Plus w/the rest of the family not there we didn't get Emmett's sex jokes that are one of the funniest parts of the book.
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Re: Inconsistencies

Post by GrayceM »

Whatnow wrote:This might not be an inconsistency but perhaps more of an oversight or editing thing.... During the montage of memories that Bella lets Edward see at the end, why aren't there any scenes from Eclipse? I have looked a few times now, and it seems to jump from New Moon to BD1 of him at the alter. I noticed that the words to the song line up well with the memory, but I really think there were some sweet scenes in Eclipse! (like the proposal?!) Just curious....
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My thinking on this is; In the book SM went straight from Twilight to BD and skipped over NM and Eclipse altogether. The scenes that Bella shows him are all scenes she purposefully tries to remember and they all meant a great deal to her. The proposal, the tent, and even the leg hitch scene probably didn't make Bella's list of milestones because they just did not mean as much to her as they did to Edward, or to us...
After three viewings, I'm now trying to remember if she showed him stepping into the sun in Italy... I'm thinking I saw her running to him but that may be from watching it last week...
Point is, this is Bella's important moments. "First Sight", first kiss, his voice, being saved, "last" kiss (NM), and then seeing him under the flowers at the wedding, the honeymoon...Edward is more romantic than Bella. I think we would enjoy his memories more, but alas...Bella's PoV. :roll:
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Re: Inconsistencies

Post by Tornado »

They did show her running to him in Italy.
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Re: Inconsistencies

Post by corona »

Tornado wrote:They did show her running to him in Italy.
Yes, they did.

I would think Bella might want to show a few book memories from EC, but I'm not sure if EC the movie had many shots showing the intensity of romance and emotion as TW or NM.

I guess Bella could have shown him the time she got on Jake's bike, but I think that defeats the point. :D
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Re: Inconsistencies

Post by Violet Sunlight »

Hello everyone,

They actually did show a clip from EC in Bella's montage flashback. They only showed one though, it was the one in the beginning of EC when they are in the meadow and Bella is on top of Edward and Edward says, "Marry me" and Bella says, "Change me". I personally would have wanted to see the part when Edward proposes with the ring and Bella actually accepts. But alas, it is what it is.

Regarding Bella's eye color:
Overall, the inconsistency is that Bella should not have golden eyes at all in BD2. But, I'm glad she does.

In the book, when she drops off Renesmee and Jacob at Charlie's this is what she thinks to herself:
Ch33 - "My eyes were not as ghoulish as they had been in the beginning--definitely closer to a dull reddish orange than to bright crimson. Soon they'd be amber enough for me to quit the contacts. I hoped the change wouldn't upset Charlie too much."

Then a week later, when she picks up the documents from J.Jenks:
Ch35 - "I popped in my contacts and then went to wait for J inside the restaurant."

Then two days later the Volturi arrive.

I think, if they were going to have Bella's eyes change to golden so quickly, the one and only time they should've had her wear brown contacts was when she met Charlie. But, if they insisted on having her wear the brown contacts to meet J. Jenks, then they should have had her wear the brown contacts when she dropped off Renesmee and Jacob at Charlie's.

Other inconsistencies (not in any particular order):
1. Benjamin (or should I say Captain Planet) should be able to manipulate the elements, not create them. At the Bon-fire, he should not have had flames come out of his fingers. Although, everything else he did was great and he is one of the vamps I do like. I thought it was extra sweet how they had him do the wind trick for Renesmee, also not in the book.

2. No Kachiri, the third Amazon, in the movie. Although, I thought it was fine they didn't have her.

3. Bon-fire in the movie, no Bon-fire in the book. Although, I did like this scene, this is where Edward thanks Carlisle for his "extraordinary life" also not in the books, but it was a gift to us twi-fans that it was.

4. In the book Bella's sparkling moment was together with the family, in the movie it was solo.

5. In the book, the Denali's come to the Cullen house and they do not physically assault anyone and the first one of the Denalis to see Renesmee's thoughts is Carmen not Tanya.

6. In the book, there is no vision of Jacob and Renesmee's future. LOVED this inconsistency in the movie.

7. Huilen seemed confident walking out in the field, not in the book. However, I thought Nahuel and Huilen were great in that scene. Oh, and Nahuel did not mentioned his other sisters like he did in the book.

8. Siobhan's possible power was not mentioned in the movie.

9. After Bella wrestled the mountain lion her dress should have been more torn and there should have been dirt on it, so much so that Edward should have had to give her his shirt, like in the book. It would have been another sexy scene. They should have made this movie two and half hours. Sigh.

I'm sure there are many more, but for now this is what I could come up with.

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Re: Inconsistencies

Post by aymgoa »

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