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Re: The Host -- Q&A

Post by lee lee »

Oh-Marvelous-Things wrote: I think it may have been a little of both, but I'm also unsure. I know that they continued to try to separate the souls from their hosts because they learned so much everytime they did it, and Doc didn't technically get upset until after they had failed in the attempts.
That's true, but it also took a lot of convincing to get him to do it again. However I guess that could be because he was attatched to her. Something to think about though. It makes me wonder if he really didn't want to try and seperate her and it was just SM way of writing that made us think so.
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Re: The Host -- Q&A

Post by Malteser »

I just flicked past this while reading the first few posts, but I'm not so sure if the host should have a sequel. I'm not so much a sequel girl...I like it when it finishes like that...there's just this satisfaction. You see, the host isn't like Twilight, I don't think much else could happen. I don't mean to offend anyone, but that's just my opinion. But anyhoo, I would devour ANYTHING Stephenie Meyer put on a plate...She's literally my idol...
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