Fred's Power and Where Is He Now

A discussion of the novella The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

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Leah W
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Re: Fred's Power and Where Is He Now

Post by Leah W »

Fred is left to the imagination!
As human I would imagin him to be some sort of nerd that made people want to stay away form him those. I think he most likely heard of what happend to Bree from other sources (The Cullens do have freinds who talk) maybe he ran into the Delinis and found out the turth behind the 'Yellow Eyes' but decied to stick with human blood.
He could never find out about Bree and have been one of the unnamed gurds with the Volturi.
He could just be another nomad out thier living the life, who knows maybe he found a group of nomads willing to show him the ropes, or maybe he could of found his mate by now and be off and running with her.
Whatever happens, I hope Myers gives us some clue soon.
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Re: Fred's Power and Where Is He Now

Post by funkidiva »

I liked Fred and wish we knew more about him and what happened to him. It would have been interesting if he turned up in BD too. I like how the friendship builds bewteen him and Bree and how they start to smile at each other and play cards. It seemed he was a vampire of few words but an interesting character.
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Re: Fred's Power and Where Is He Now

Post by lady4string »

I'd love a Fred novella, but I'm pretty sure that SM is done writing about the Twilight world now.
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Re: Fred's Power and Where Is He Now

Post by Tornado »

I too, think Fred is fine and wandering out there. I don't think the Volturi would have searched for him after the events of Eclipse. I would like to think Edward went looking for him, but I'm not sure he would have, nor even if he could have found him. I have heaps of questions about exactly who his talent works on. I think SM says in the guide that it's more physical than mental, and that makes me wonder if it would work on Bella.

I think Fred's smart enough to know the rules anyway. Bree told him to "hunt smart" and as he has the ability to go unnoticed, he'd probably know instinctively that he needs to keep a low profile. I think he'd keep to the nomadic life quite well, whether he knows about the Volturi or not. Should he know about the Volturi, I think he'd be suspicious of them. I don't think he'd witness for them, especially after the events of Eclipse. He'd be too suspicious of their motives. After all, Riley's turned out to be suspect. Why not these new vampires, who are claiming that they are the benevolent rulers of the vampires?

I do hope he gets to meet the Cullens one day, though.
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