Rob's Halfway House -- #7

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Jazz Girl »

Sorry girls. Mid post and major news. Gonna post what I have and come back and clean it. Sweet Jesus, I can barely type!!!
EDIT: Went through and tidied it all up, I hope. I'm still buzzing from the total dose of BDRobCrack!! If you felt a sudden disturbance in the force, there's a reason why that we can't really place here. These are the days that makes me sad. But, totally respect the whys of it. Just... WOW!

JennJenn~ :lol: ButlerBlue and proud, baby!! Hmmm, see , I have this issue getting into AI. I can’t watch the opening rounds as I find it physically painful to hear bad singing. So, once it gets to the later rounds, I’ve missed all the backstory and find it hard to really buy in. But, I’m glad you are loving it.

Christina~ Awww, sorry sweetie. Sounds like an awful way to end the day. But, you got home safely and that’s what we care about. I’m pretty sure I saw the same promo you did, actually right in the middle of typing my first post yesterday. I came to a literal screeching halt, mid type. Can’t help it, that’s the reaction I have. I’ve seen it once more since, on the Oxygen channel. I want to start seeing on the network channels. If I see it during tournament basketball, then I’ll be ecstatic.

Bac~ Ooooh, now you’re making things interesting!!! You tease, you!

Tracy~ Aww, poor baby! Well, glad he’s feeling better. Yes, FFn has been having wonkiness for about the last week and it’s seriously snapping my teeth together because it’s making it nigh on impossible to review any of my regular fics. I keep telling myself I can’t possible be more excited to see WfE, and with every interview or still released, I am proven emphatically wrong. Did you see the ET interview] yesterday? Rob said exactly that, that it was one of the most incredible experiences he’s ever had. Yep, I’m hoping they’ll play in Columbus soon, which is the closest MLS team to us. Sadly, they lost. But, it’s all good prep for them. You should go to a game if you ever get the chance. There are very few experiences like it.

Marielle~ :lol: No worries, darlin’. I’m pretty sure I know those areas that you’d want to keep for yourself. Gotta tell you, though, girl. Sisters or not, I might fight you for a few of them. :twisted: Nope, can’t blame you one dang bit! And, you know we all have some version of those dreams, right? Just sayin’, no need to feel bad. That’s why we all hang here. :D

Jaclyn~ Happy Birthday to BabyE!! Hmm, I’m doubting that RobPics would be appropriate gifts for her. Hmmm, and I don’t have the adorable BabyRob pics, that might be slightly better. Well darn! Oh well. Still, happy day to her!

DAVID!!!!! I saw you lurking!!! Miss you, man.

Bel Ami~ So, apparently, the producers of Bel Ami are having difficulties in editing what they feel is a marketable film because they are worried about audiences not accepting Rob as bad bad DuRoy Brown. I can’t tell you how much this snaps my teeth together. Rob has always said that his greatest fear of all the crazy that follows him because of Twilight is that it will hurt a film he does. Well isn’t this just the kick in the teeth he was afraid of. I mean, they hired him to play a part. It’s not like they didn’t know from the original novel that Georges is a manipulative @33hat, or that he is a total cad who seduced women for fun! What the he11! Seriously, they need to figure out that the vast majority of Rob’s fans are not tweens or teens but grown women who not only know that Rob is Rob and DuRoy is a character he plays, but also that we WANT to see him stretch his wings and play different characters, that we WANT to see him be all bad and even just a little dirty! Come on!! Give me BadnDirtyDuRob. I can take it.

The Volvo Is Back!!~ On a much much MUCH happier note, The Real Volvo is Back!!! Apparently, Bill Condon finally started paying attention to the fans and realized that the last thing we want to see RobWard driving, even as DaddyWard, is that sad SoccerMomVolvo. So, the S-60 is in full effect for Breaking Dawn.

I'll close with some beautiful RobKowski that we can appreciate.

Awww, I want to kiss his hurts all better.

And now, I kind of want to hug Rosie all better too.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello ladies! I'm enjoying my day off work with a little exercise, a little laundry, and lunch at a casual but yummy Greek restaurant with two high school friends. Hope all of you are enjoying your day, as well.

Caryn~ Thanks for the link to the article about Bel Ami. How on earth can the Bel Ami producers think that this would ever alienate their audience. 8-)
Seriously though, the producers need a swift kick in the pants if they butcher this movie by trying to edit out certain parts and water it down from an R-rating to a PG-13 rating. :rant: As you stated in your post, when will studio executives realize that Rob's fanbase is so much more than a bunch of screaming preteen and teenage fangirls :banghead: (no offense intended to those fangirls, of course. ;) ) Bel Ami should be marketed toward adults (women and men) who enjoy dramatic period films with difficult characters and situations a little out of our comfort zone, in my humble opinion. Did you have a chance to read the comments posted in response to the above article? They were insightful, and many of those who posted the comments would fit in well right here at the Halfway House. I completely agree with's not as if the producers and studio execs didn't already know that Georges DuRoy is a complete tool. And as one person who commented on the above article mentioned--maybe Rob just did too good a job playing a total cad. It will be such a shame if we don't get to see that performance, in its entirety. :?

I saw the post on the front page of the Lexicon about the return to the more sporty Volvo, and I hope it's true. We have Bill Condon to thank for that, I guess.

Jaclyn~ The copy of EW is happily on its way to you, as of this afternoon. I'm looking forward to meeting kilt-clad ActionRob soon. Hope BabyE has a wonderful birthday--they grow so fast! I'm sure she'll love the trampoline; good luck getting her off the trampoline in order to sleep. :D My son is feeling better, thanks. The kids get a little certificate at the end of the year if they've had perfect attendance, and at this age, they're usually pretty excited about it. He's just a little bummed to miss out on that, after making it through 3/4 of the school year without a sick day.

Marielle~ I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday, as well as a lazy, relaxing evening watching movies. seems to be working a little better as I was finally able to use the search engine last night. Lovely Robcrack you posted today, by the way...definitely daydream inducing. 8-)

**EDIT: Susie~ I see you!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Openhome »

HI there ladies of the Halfway House! I'm glad you've all been chatting away.
Happy Belated Birthday Marielle

As many of you have heard, there has been a huge leak of Breaking Dawn pictures that were stolen from Summit. This is exactly the reason they have kept the movie under lock and key, and these people ruin it for us all!

The Lexicon will not post any pictures that were obtained illegally or even unethically, so please help us keep our boards clean and don't post anything here. Also, if you see any, please let me or any mod know ASAP. We do NOT want to promote this type of behavior.

Thanks, Openhome for the mods
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by fi_fi »

Evening ladies!
Just a drive-by on my way to bed. I really wanted to mega-post today and respond to posts, but after 3 days of packing, loading, unloading and unpacking boxes, only to put them in the car to bring back to the caravan to fill them again, I'm beat! We pretty much everything moved from the caravan, except for daily essentials. We're going to be moving in properly this weekend, I'll try to stay in touch, but if not, I'll definitely post early next week.

Love to you all, hope you all have an easy Friday and a lovely weekend.
Fi xx
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by SwanCullen »



While I am anxious to see set pics from BD, I don't like the fact that they were stolen. Like Openhome said, it's unethical. One bad apple does ruin it for the whole bunch!

EDIT:Here's a better post:

Tracy-It's always rough when the kids are sick, I imagine things get worse when they start school and come in contact with so many more germs, which is one thing that has me nervous for my daughter who starts kindergarten in august.

Marielle-You crack me up! Love the pics you posted.

Jacklyn-I think when pg 200 is done, then we will get a new one. I would think so. But that means we can decorate! :D

Susie-I see you!

Caryn-You can be Butler Blue and I'll Wildcat Blue :D I am so watching the UConn and KY game saturday. Gonna be a wild day for sure!

Fi- :wave:

Okay, I am interested like a lot of people in the Royal wedding. HOWEVER, it's gotten to the sicking point at which they are reporting it here in the US. I can only imagine what it's like in the UK. I can't go a day without hearing about it on the news, even the local news! It's odd.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Susie »

Page 200!! Will we roll to another thread on Page 201????

I’m back home now – back to the lingering snow. It was 47 degrees today, so actually we’re happy with anything that’s above freezing at this point. This is technically late winter. Once the snow is gone it is early spring even though it feels more like “Spinter” until the grass is green again. But what can I say? It’s home.

I had a fabulous time with Lulu. She was a very relaxed hostess and we got along very well. She had so many kind things to say about me, she is so sweet. What can I say – we’re two peas in a pod!! She made me feel at ease too! She is genuine, kind and likes to have fun in life. She isn’t too serious which is just the way I am. Her hubs was very friendly and welcoming as well and her babyboy – one of the most adorable babies I’ve ever seen and with such a good disposition (like mommy and daddy).

On to your posts -

Christina – Kudos to you for donating $100 to the AIDS charity. Aww – I’m glad you and Ginnie are going to WfE together! I’m on the edge of my seat until I get that PM from you! BTW, Thanks for saying I’m sweet! Sorry about your horrible commute home yesterday! I assume the traffic lights went into blinking mode which really slows things down. You must have thought you should have just stopped for a margarita along the way and let the traffic die down – but maybe with no electricity, that wasn’t a possibility either! Is this a stormy time of the year in Orlando?

– Congrats on getting the fanfic review gig! Well, I haven’t read nearly as much as the rest of the girls here, but I like to know how well the story follows canon, if it is AU and if it is AH, are the characters similar to cannon? If there are lemons – do they enhance or take away from the quality of the story and is the author just relying on his or her smut writing skills in lieu of a quality storyline? Is it a real page turner, or rather, scroller? What is the general tone of the piece? Regarding your discussion on boys vs girls – loved it! I have one of each. You’re right about boys – but don’t we love them? Those boys grow up into men and we certainly love them with all their shortcomings, right?? In fact, I’m having a bit of a fantasy right now thinking of the male species!! *blushes*. I’m happy that life has exceeded your expectations as far as your older son’s interaction with your younger son. It makes your life a whole lot easier right now. OK, I don’t know what the WitFit prompt o’the day is…..

– I’m glad I missed the rain there in Holland. I guess we were pretty lucky. Lulu isn’t a coffee drinker – like you! So I had my coffee at my B&B before she picked me up. I didn’t need it as badly because I didn’t have jet lag – I don’t know if you’ll ever see me without jetlag! Love your “better than birthday cake” pics – Very Low Calorie! (but tasty) You naughty girl! That “bring on the whipped cream” comment was not very ladylike! I’m glad you had a relaxing birthday and are going to continue celebrating this weekend. Will you see your family? Girl, you’re not going to get over your smutty thoughts of Rob by telling us about it!!! I’m just envious of your healthy imagination!

– Did you say that you were “beat up”? That must be the Filipino English for when we just say “beat” meaning very tired. I’m assuming you weren’t actually beaten up by some evil doer, or were you? ;)

Caryn – Please tell me you aren’t going to start calling me a hobbit, though. I’m not that short. Your heart really got a work out today, didn’t it? I missed the whole thing, though. Sorry about the Bel Ami news – Rob seems to be taking it all in stride. Maybe the Twilight franchise wants to keep him “pure” until the BD movies come out. Do you think that is a factor? Although I don't know what kind of influence they would have on another production company. It just goes to show what an excellent actor Rob is – he was all too convincing as a bad guy! It’s so ironic. If he hadn’t been so “bad”, people would just say he should stick to playing Edward and that he can’t do other roles! Yeah for the Silver Volvo! LOVE that pic of Reeslina tending to Robkowski’s wounds!

Jaclyn – I know it is hard to fool the likes of you, you clever girl. That’s OK, though. You still had fun discovering your hunch was right! You have gone beyond the call of duty with Action Rob!!! A Kilt!!! It looks fabulous. Now I so want Rob to do a film wearing a Kilt! Thank your aunt for me. Is she the one who thinks I’m cool? teehee Wow. Now Tracy gets to play with Action Rob in a Kilt – I’m so jealous (except I’ll get him back in the end!). He would look better with socks, but this way it looks like he is in a state of undress, which is just fine with us, right? I’m sure you’ll be very careful with your new rats, but please, if it looks like they are going insane, switch it off. You really don’t want mentally ill rodents in your house. BabyE is 2? You’ll have to start referring to her as ToddlerE!! She is a very lucky girl to get a trampoline!

– 10:30 pm bedtime sounds like you’re a pretty fun parent! I think I had something similar happen a few times – it’s actually normal in the lifetime of a child to have these little blips of “fun”. Just go with it. What brings you to your little town? Just remember you have good weather there! In Minnesota you have to have something to keep you busy in the winter, thus Circus Juventas.

– It would be very interesting indeed if the championship was between Butler and Kentucky!! I don’t know if the Halfway House could handle it, though.

– Sorry your son has strep! I can see why he was sad to miss out on the perfect attendance for the year. The only good thing about that diagnosis is that you know the antibiotics will work quickly. Great timing for you – he’s back in school on your day off so you could still have your fun today. Putting people at ease? Back at you, sister!! You're the one with the velvet voice! ;)

Openhome – Duly noted!

Fi – I’m impressed that you made it here at all today with all your packing and moving! It is a lot of work! The last time I did that was 21 years ago and I hope I don’t have to do it again for a very long time!

Lulu - Hello there if you're lurking!

Well, Sonny Boy finished his Health Course (at least we think he passed) just under the midnight deadline. Now he’s on to his regular homework – current and make up, so I’ll still be homework monitor/enabler/facilitator. Mostly it’s just keeping him on track. He is a little ADD. That’s how we’re spending our evening tonight. Luckily there's no piano tonight because the teacher is on Spring Break.

See you later!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by bac »

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