Gifts for the Birthday Girls!

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Re: Gifts for the Birthday Girls!

Post by The Real Edward Cullen »

Now that Alice's plan is actually working, and everyone is enjoying themselves, I would like to present my two beautiful ladies with their gifts.

First, for my special Renesmee. You and I have both discovered a talent for the piano. I am thrilled to be able to share that passion with you. So, for your birthday, I give you sheet music for Rachmaninoff's masterful works. I will enjoy listening to you learn and play these works of art.


And Bella. My Dearest Bella. The joy I feel everyday from having you in my life is immeasurable. For your birthday this year, I thought we could get away, just the two of us. I've never been to Finland and I thought you and I could see what the skiing and wildlife are like. I found this great private chalet for us to stay in. I can't wait to explore Finland with you.
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Re: Gifts for the Birthday Girls!

Post by cullensallovamybinda »


Congrats on another you and another milenium to come!

and edward those prestents are so sweet :)

Love you all
Cam <3
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Re: Gifts for the Birthday Girls!

Post by urcoolcarrie »

Bella and Nessie- You are very welcome, and I'll be sure to tell her. :)

Edward, those gifts are so sweet! Can't wait to hear Renesmee take a swing at that music. Oh, and enjoy Finland!
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Re: Gifts for the Birthday Girls!

Post by Pel »

For Renesmee,

We noticed that you had not received a special RANK yet. So for your fourth birthday we present you with a shiny new RANK.

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And we have made a special Banner for your Signature out of the gift from TammyAZ:


Now For Bella,

You will have to wait until tomorrow, your actual Birth Date.....
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Re: Gifts for the Birthday Girls!

Post by Nena »

Happy Birthday Bella and Nessie!
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Re: Gifts for the Birthday Girls!

Post by The Real Charlie Swan »

All right. I got you both some wonderful gifts that I know you can use.

Nessie, you are the prettiest girl in the world, and that can cause some serious problems. So for you I got a little can of protection.

And for you, my Bella, something to help you endure the rain. I know how much you miss the sun.
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Re: Gifts for the Birthday Girls!

Post by art610 »

bella since you love shakespeare i got you a book colection (encluding the merchet of venice) and a new timex iron man watch and some sweat shirts and sweat pants :D

renesmee i got you a a dell studio 15 in orange with skull candy headphones and a itunes gift card for 100 dollars :o
The Real Renesmee Cullen
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Re: Gifts for the Birthday Girls!

Post by The Real Renesmee Cullen »

Oh my gosh, I can't believe it! Pel, thank you so much! I just loved Tammy's banner, and now I have it as my own! I love my new rank too. You have no idea how annoyingly true it is. ;)

Grandpa Charlie, thanks so much for the cans o' protection. I'm not sure when I would use it, but I'm sure it will come in handy some day. They aren't exactly little, but you never know when a girl needs a ton of mace, right grandpa? Yeah.

Daddy, you are the best. You got me something I love, and it's something we can do together. That's the best part of it, that we can both use it as we play.

To everyone who welcomed me and sent my mom and me birthday wishes, THANK YOU! I was really nervous about meeting a lot of humans, and you made it special and fun. Bye now!
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Re: Gifts for the Birthday Girls!

Post by shanasilver »

In honor of Bella's birthday, my friend and I created a Twilight spoof music video just for you!

Check it out:
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Re: Gifts for the Birthday Girls!

Post by stuartwhite »

Nice Post....what a wonder gifts...

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