New Moon movie-appropriate for what age?

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New Moon movie: appropriate for what age?

Post by rainbowcrayon »

xhopeonaropex wrote: I think the rating was very appropriate to be PG 13. I wouldn't want my 10 yr old cousin to watch this at all, let alone read the books. I just told my 13 yr old cousin the other day that it's ok for her to start reading the books even though I'm still a bit hesitant about it. I don't want her to be exposed to that much emotion yet while she is still just 13. But the movie was great and I appreciate how much similar to the book it was aside of some minor changes. But all in all it was great. I apprecaite Summit's work and the director's cooperation with Stephenie to make this so much similar to the book. :]
I definitely agree. I would not want someone under the age of 12 or 13 watching the movies, or reading the books, as they contain themes too mature for those not yet in their teenage years, particularly Breaking Dawn, but the others as well. Also some parts of the movie could be rather frightening to a younger audience.
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Re: New Moon movie-appropriate for what age?

Post by sparkling90 »

I saw way more children at New Moon than at Twilight. I just don't understand how this movie would be appealing for the under 13 crowd. To me, it's a movie about romance, and I can't see a child under 13 understanding romance and the emotions associated with it. Although this movie probably isn't bad for children to see, it will be interesting to see how Breaking Dawn plays out. I would hate to see them censor Breaking Dawn just to make it more youth friendly! I wonder if Stephenie wants a PG 13 rating for that too?
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Re: New Moon movie-appropriate for what age?

Post by Chernaudi »

One of the provisions that Stephenie put in her licencing agreement with Summit was that all the films have to be PG-13 at worst-Stephenie is a Mormon, and Mormons aren't supposed to watch R-rated movies, so I doubt that she'd endorse a R-rated project.
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Re: New Moon movie-appropriate for what age?

Post by dandyvampgirl_13 »

Summit and Steph would get soooo screwed by us if they made anything R. Only the, ahem, not so obediant Mormons, would want able to see it. I'm not sure I'd be willing to risk my obediance to the Lord to see anything made by Summit and Twilight related that's R, and I'm sure the rest of us Mormons have similar feelings, so there goes a good portion of the audience. Okay, not a good portion, but a large part if you tack on all the other people who don't watch R movies out of principle.
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Re: New Moon movie-appropriate for what age?

Post by sparkling90 »

I agree that summit would loose money on making an R-rated movie. A majority of their market is under 17. (Not that some parents wouldn't take their children anyway, because a PG-13 label didn't stop anyone.)

I think a more important question is: if Breaking Dawn the book had a literal movie translation, would it be rated R? In an interview found here ... 1717896098 Stephenie says that she would be happy with a 15 & up warning label for Breaking Dawn.

My only problem with PG-13 is that parents think they can bring any kid who is out of diapers to those movies. Although this may have been okay with Twilight and New Moon, Breaking Dawn will be a different story. They are going to have to cover the topics of sex, abortion, and live birth among other things.

I just don't understand what in The Twilight Saga would interest a pre-pubescent child in the first place. When I was a child, kissing on TV grossed me out and I got scared by the UFO specials on FOX!
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Re: New Moon movie-appropriate for what age?

Post by Melody »

I think that the rating was fine. I went to a midnight screening as i won tickets ( :mrgreen: ) and there were lots of people younger than me (im 15 :) ) i would say that the youngest was around seven or eight? SHE TALKED THROUGH THE ENTIRE MOVIE! and im not exaggerating in the slightest! She kept saying, "why is she just sitting there looking out the window *laughs*" and "When is it over?" Kids shouldnt even be at the midnight screenings- they should be in bed asleep :lol: I think that it is rated as PG13 because the younger audience just doesnt get it. They dont really understand the concept of the story and such.
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