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Re: Worlds

Post by Hyvanna »

I wouldnt like the Spider or the Fire Worlds....Too much thinking would be a headach in Spidy world and ouch ouch Fire world
The bats flyte and musical yes please
The dolphins verry interestion who wouldn't want to see colors we dont see
Ice/Bear world would be cool double sided use of hands weird Ice sculping cool
Seaweed the being underwater an swaying sounds so relaxing *awww* but boreing..they tell storys but how interesting can some be if all they know would be underwater swaying..Id become a strangleing seaweed :twisted: to the other seaweedes that are telling boreing or repeated life storys :lol: they better tell me fairytales :D

I agree a little more debt into the worlds but not too much would be good so they don't feel like 3 species tops lives on the others...but like real life we dont know whats on planets billions of lightyears away they may only have few or even one for that matter... we have 9planets 8barren , so we think right now cause we cant land on them. Creepy thought to think what we would find = or superior to us shiny floaty worms, herbs walking around *Weird thought*
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Re: Worlds

Post by melmargaret »

I'm really interested in the worlds. I think my favorite world is the one with the Ice Bears. We got to learn a lot about this planet so I'm sure that's why it's my favorite. I like the concept of them making beautiful buildings out of ice with their claws. Speaking of claws, I find them really interesting. I imagine the palms of their hands being covered with glass-like razor blades. The blades would be sticking out in all different directions, making it hard for them to carve, but giving the bears a different type of tool with each razor. Their actual claws would have a Wolverine feel to them, too.

I'd like to know more about them if she writes more books.
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