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Re: Request a topic

Post by chewie1bernie »

Can we have a thread where people can discuss what they're favorite moments from NM?

MOD EDIT: Please see the new thread titled Favorite scenes found HERE.
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i've seen new moon but i don't like it

Post by dandelion337 »

can you add the subject as a new topic?

MOD EDIT: A new thread for this subject can be found HERE.
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Re: Request a topic

Post by switzgal »

Can we have a topic about Lines and Scenes we didn't like in New Moon?


MOD EDIT: The new thread can be found HERE.
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Re: Request a topic

Post by pennybug84 »

I didn't see a thread to discuss the soundtrack, could that be added?


MOD EDIT: The new thread for the soundtrack can be found HERE.
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Re: Request a topic

Post by GrayceM »

I have been on this site for a while and though I've searched through the forums, there's a lot of ground to cover. Is there a topic on New Moon for the definitions of other language? There are several things I've been curious about; Aro's comments in Italian (?), Jacob's comment in Quileute, and what in the world does Jacob call Bella when she shows up with the motorcycles...?

MOD EDIT: New thread found HERE.
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Re: Request a topic

Post by December »

To make sure topic requests get answered promptly, we're now consolidating them into a single Request A Topic thread, found in our Communing With the Pack (ie Feedback) forum. Please post any requests there. This thread is now locked.

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