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WELCOME TO THE LEX! A few things before you get started posting in our forums:

1) PLEASE take a moment to read about our rules and regulations in our Do's and Don'ts forum (aka Dont Irritate the Volturi). We know what it’s like to be new to a forum, and we’ve learned the hard way that it’s best to start off on the right foot and follow the guidelines of the site. So it’s best if you know these do’s and don’ts BEFORE you ever post.

2) Please also take a moment to start an introductory thread in the New Kid in Town forum. We ask all our new users to stop by there and write a bit about themselves -- so we can get to know you. Please check our Introduce Yourself thread for a template and instructions. Don’t just say “Hi I’m new and I love Edward!” Give us something to go on and get conversation rolling!

3) The first few times you post, you'll notice that your post doesn't immediately appear on the boards. That's because it's being held for approval by one of the mods. (We now do this with ALL posts by newly-registered users -- it makes a huge difference in preventing spam and trolling. So it's not just you!). After a few posts, this restriction is lifted and you can post directly. PLEASE DON'T CLICK SUBMIT A SECOND TIME -- that only puts another copy into the moderation queue, creates more work for the mods, and slows down the process. Just click once! If you don’t see your posts in a day or two, PM a mod and we will take care of it.

4) If you're perplexed about anything, check out our How To's and FAQs in the Newborn in Seattle forum. For Technical Difficulties, you can post a question in our For the Accident Prone forum. But please check that your question hasn't already been answered in an another Accident thread or in our FAQs! Chances are, you aren’t the first person with the question.

5) You can reach our management team by posting in our Feedback forum (Communing with the Pack). Or contact us directly via private message. For info on how to find a moderator, see here.

All the subforums listed above can be found in the Welcome to the Lex forum where you started.

Hope you have a great time here!

Pel and Alphie