New moon special effects

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Re: New moon special effects

Post by paula_bnsnt »

ravenwing110 wrote: And the fight at the end, when Edward's face cracked, was so cool. I could never really imagine the whole "they're stone!" thing, but that helped a lot.
Definately!! The crack was great, I couldn't imagine them as stone either! And the sound that went with it and the general vampire being ripped to pieces (the X vampire from the Volturi's story and Laurent) helped too.
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Re: New moon special effects

Post by CullensGirl14 »

Have just seen the New Moon movie and the effects are amazing! The effects in it are amazing, the bigger budget has really made a difference, the vampire running scenes look much better than in Twilight...

The wolves...WOW! There is nothing else to say apart from that! hehe.
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Re: New moon special effects

Post by TeAm_EdWaRd »

Just got back from the cinema! The special effects were amazing. Loved all the fights in the movie, esp. between Edward and the Volturi members. The wolves looked cool... And I think the sparkling was much better than in Twilight. :)
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Re: New moon special effects

Post by swedishskinjer »

Having seen New Moon, I must say that the special effects were stellar. New Moon is one of the most successful movies of the year, and yet it does not have an immense Hollywood budget. I thought that the wolves were particularly convincing, especially with how their hair realistically moved with the wind.

Two thumbs up.
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New moon special effects

Post by rainbowcrayon »

I loved the werewolves (shapeshifters, I suppose). They were fantastic and so much better than I was expecting.
Although it was better than Twilight, I still thought Edward looked indeed like a sugar cookie when he sparkled.
So they could use some work on that. Also I didn't particularly care for the cracking of the marble skin, it seemed rather unrealistic and cheesy. But the vampires were better, with running and fighting and all.
So much better than Twilight, but New Moon definitely had room for improvement, so let's all hope for the best for Eclipse.
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