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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by IloveAliceCullen<3 »

And I made a drawning yesterday too. :roll:
You can see it here: ... ecret=IgW6
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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by annabelle »

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Would you read this?

Post by Amanda Beth »

I have sections of a fanfic written but I wanted everyones opinion on the plot before I put more work into it and post it. The Cullens play secondary characters in this although they are very involved. It's told from both Audrey(the main character) and Bella's points of view.

Title: In Dusk
Summary: It's been over fifteen years since Bella Cullen left behind her humanity to join Edward and the rest of the Cullen clan in immortality, but it came with a price. As Bella struggles with her inner demons she meets eighteen year old Audrey Brennan, who until recently had been sheltered from everything by her overprotected mother. Abnormally keen to people's emotions Audrey had come to live vicariously through the strange Cullen family that lived in the woods of her Oregon home and the love she felt radiating from Bella and Edward. Drawn to them for an unknown reason, Audrey finally finds out the deep dark secret that lurked inside of her and must chose which life to live, as Bella has to cope with her choice and the sacrifices she made for love.

Excerpt #1 (Audrey's POV):
Bella was already sitting outside when I walked up to the Cullen’s house. She rose slowly as I got to the bottom of the steps.
“Do you know I look the same now as I did when I was fourteen?” The question was random but the only thing going through my mind at that particular moment. I looked up at the gorgeous girl. Her raven hair was loose and fell across her shoulders, and to my surprise her pale skin sparkled whenever the light hit it. She looked like an angel. My angel.
Bella still said nothing and I couldn’t read her. I never could.
“I’m one of you aren’t I?” The porch was spinning around me and my heart was pounding so loudly I couldn’t think straight. I was afraid to hear her answer but I burned for the truth at the same time.
Bella closed her eyes and let out a deep breath as if she had been holding it forever. “Yes.”
My knees felt weak and everything got hazy. The porch lights began to dim as I heard Bella’s voice in the distance call for Edward.
I was a vampire.

Excerpt #2 (Bella's POV):
I love books. I love their smell. I love the feeling of their aging pages. Aging. That is something that doesn't exist to me anymore. I was not quite nineteen years old but have been on this earth for thirty-five. It was still new to me, even sixteen years later, waking up in the same skin every morning, down the hall from my daughter who looks like my sister. This is the life I chose, I tell myself. I chose an eternity with Edward and with that immortality that had to be hidden from humanity, including my family, who has long since stopped looking for me. I still go to Forks in secret, mainly because Edward would not approve. I feel like a thief sneaking around in the night, but I don’t know who would still recognize me, or at least my teenage self. I go to Charlie's house and watch him as Edward did with me so many years ago. A part of me will always hurt knowing that my need to disappear hurt him, although he never questioned me.
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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by edwardsblossom »

It'd be nice if anyone looked and read and commented on all of my stories, but this is the one I so far like the most and am currently working on:

Summary (I'm bad at these, but I'll put the same I put up on
An abandoned boy with beautiful green eyes, a little girl who couldn't bare to see him homeless, and a love that blooms between the two. AH/AU "In his arms she fell as her hair came down, Among the fields of gold."-Fields of Gold, Sting
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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by Amanda Beth »

So I put my other story on hold because after reading BD (again) I realized how badly I wanted to see what happened to the Cullens had the story just continued. I looked forever for fanfics that were NOT smut, AH or some variation of "if X never happened" and really did not find anything... sooooo I started to write.

This takes place 3 years after Breaking Dawn when the Cullens (and Jacob) need to move due to Renesmee's growth spurts. Bella struggles with missing her home and family, Edward has to come to terms that Bella no longer needs him as she once did. They need to handle guests, both welcome an unwelcome and the entire family realizes that their status in the supernatural world has quickly risen since their stand off with the Volturi. There are tiffs, jokes and just generally what happened after "The End."

*It is rated T because personally I think it goes against Stephenie Meyer's wishes to add so much sexual content as are in other stories*
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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by roxyrae »

So I'm now writing a story. If you like fast updates (twice a week) and origional plot like this is for you!

Title: Deceptive Desires
Rating: T (for now it may change)
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Edward and Bella
Genre: romance/angst
Brief Summary: Edward is pregnant Bella’s ER doctor after a drunk driving accident. With Bella’s husband dead and her memory of the past 10 years gone (amnesia), Bella assumes that Edward is the baby’s father. What will Edward do since he still has feelings for her? AH
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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by Aggi* »

After a long time break from doing any wallpapers, I finally felt like doing some again would be so much fun.
Since I can't forget the hottest "no-kiss" I've ever seen in my life, the theme was not hard to find.

Here we go:

(but i'm still not fully satisfied with them =/ )

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My first FanFic

Post by IwishEdwardwasrealss »

Ok here goes *shameless self promotion*

Well I decided that Bella needed to "Man Up" and go after Edward. You just let the love of your life get away and say "oh well"? Doubt it! So here is the link to my story. I am currently working on the rest of it. It is told Bella's POV then Edwards POV same time period. Please let me know if you like it or hate it or whatever you feel. Thanks

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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by Artemis Cullen »

Okay... I'm going to shamelessly promote my story now...

Pen Name: Artemis S. Cullen (might change it to Medea Ariadne)

Title: Vile Beauty

Rated: T (For Safety and Some Mild Language)

Status: Work in Progress

Number of Chapters: 3 (Working on chapter 4-6)

Summary: Isabella Swan isn't human, or humane for that matter. When she moves to Forks and finds others different from the rest of her kind, Will she find her way? Or will she fall deeper into the darkness?

Mafia Name: Medea Ariadne Artemis DeMarchi Image

^^^Link to my profile...
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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by Meztli »

Alright I just started two new stories on my fanifiction account. I haven't forgotten Faulty so don't fret. So please if you will check out my new stories, Invitation to Freedom and Sit Boy, and review. To get there, just look in my signature and find 'Fanfiction Profile-Meztli' CLick on the link and tell me what you think! <- that rhymed! :lol:
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