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Re: Kyle

Post by threethings »

I'll Take The Aston wrote:To me, Kyle and Emmett are kind of the same in my head. They are both insensitive jerks that mean well in their insensitivity. After reading the partial draft of Midnight Sun and seeing more of Emmett, him and Kyle automatically connect to me. But unlike Emmett, I wanted Kyle to die when he was trying to kill Wanda.
I see what you're saying about the similatries there, but for some strange reason I kinda of like Kyle.
Maybe it's because he stood up to what he believes in, never letting his guard down.
I truly believe after he tried to kill Wanda that he felt bad, but didn't try to make up for it.
Maybe he's trying to forget she's even there. ;)

Now, i'm almost finished with the book, And I like Kyle even more!(cause of Sunny/Jodi)
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Re: Kyle

Post by cedwardrox »

I think Kyle has some problems. I pictured him like Emmett, but with a slightly longer face and hair. I think he is really upset at Wanda because he lost his girl to the "aliens." Or whatever you choose to call them. Souls, parasites, aliens, that's not the point. I think it's hard for him to, a) Trust her and b) Get over his brother being in love with her.
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Re: Kyle

Post by SeverusSnape11221 »

waiting tobe dazzled wrote:I had trouble seeing the similarities between Kyle and Emmett. In the beginning I saw Kyle as cruel and heartless, and I kind've thought of Emmett as the opposite of that. Maybe near the end after Kyle gets Jodi (or Sunny) I do see how his brotherly connection with Ian could be compared to that of Emmett and Edward but thats about it.
Same with me i can't really see any similarities between Kyle and Emmett. Emmett is protective brotherly(like a big teddy bear lol!) Kyle is much more cruel and resentful. Though at the end, when kyle really accepts Wanda, i really liked kyle. But through out the other parts of the book i hated him.
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Re: Kyle

Post by Black »

I didn't like Kyle at all when I was reading the book. I was very disappointed with Wanda for saving his life at the tribunal and kind of upset at Ian for sort of forgiving him so soon (though I can't blame him because I have a sister close in age and I do it all the time, heh... but she never tried to kill my love!)

Anyway, I read a really sweet Kyle/Sunny fanfiction and sort of dreamed about it that night so now I like Kyle XD. Plus, I think it's really sweet that he's starting to show his soft side with Sunny.
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Re: Kyle

Post by -Jasper »

To begin with I hated Kyle. It's not like he makes himself likable - he tries to kill Wanda, hurts her a lot, threatens her and is generally violent and small-minded. However, after he finds Sunny, he shows his soft side and is actually very kind and sort of apologises for being so mean to Wanda. That doesn't make him nearly killing her okay, but he turns out to be a nicer person. He made me go 'aww' internally. I can see resemblances to Emmett, being protective, strong, but with a soft side, although Kyle is meaner than Emmett and not as fun and jokey.
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