The New Vampires

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The New Vampires

Post by December »

BD introduces so many intriguing new vampires! So what did you think? Did the movie do justice to the characters? Were they how you'd imagined them? Were your favourite characters in the movie the same as the ones you loved in the book, or was there some stellar performance that made a new character stand out for you? Did you wish we'd seen more of the new vampires? (Or less?).

A thread for talking VAMPIRES....
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Re: The New Vampires

Post by marielle »

Thanks for this thread!!!!!!!! I love our dear mods...


Benjamin, I loved him!!! He was perfectly cast and his script was awesome. I loved his introduction and how he held his own in the battle scene. I really thought he was the sweetest vampire I met... I could fall in love with him.

Garret, gods I loved that character in the book and they did him justice... He was amazing. I loved how he challenged Kate to zap him. But also how he protected her when Irina was murdered.

Alistor... I'm in love seriously... i always imagined him as a grumpy old vampire but they way they gave him swagger...big thumbs up!!! I loved him during Edward's speech and how he watched Bella's training...

Charlotte and Peter, I'm really sad that they got so little screen time. and not even lines!!! They are such a big part of Jasper's live and friends with the Cullen's I just thought they would have at least some lines in it.

The Irish coven... Sioban I though was too Molly Weasley like. Too portly for a vampire. (not insultingly meant but Vampire are supposed to be all sexy of seductive.) Maggie was how I it imagined.
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Re: The New Vampires

Post by pennybug84 »

For me the biggest surprise was Alistair. I loved that they expanded his role more in the film compared to the book (him just always being the attic.) I did not expect to love him as much as I did.

Benjamin and Garret: the two new vamps I've always loved in the book. I loved them just as much (or more in Garrett's case) then the book. They were seriously great and both actors did an amazing job.

The Romanians: I loved them more then I did in the book. Both actors were fantastic and brought them to life in a great way that was unexpected. I was indifferent to them in the book but loved them here.

The Irish Coven and other Nomads I was disappointed were hardly featured. Some of them didn't even have lines! I know it can be hard w/that many new characters but 10 more minutes and we could have got a little something.
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Re: The New Vampires

Post by MoonlessNight »

I have to say that I loved all the new vamps. I really wasn't expecting to. I think the Romanians were absolutely awesome, though. Their accents were so creepy! Sitting around the campfire telling war stories was great, too!
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