What Do You Think of Vampire Bella?

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What Do You Think of Vampire Bella?

Post by Openhome »

Discuss the transformation of Bella and her powers here.
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Re: What Do You Think of Vampire Bella?

Post by Brienna »

I think it was done well!

Maybe a bit too easy. I think they chose to do that because of time, you can't have it all in a movie. But just small things could've shown a bit more struggle.
In the book Bella's nervous about having to jump out of a window. In the movie, she just jumps of a mountain, no problem, no second thoughts to it, just jump.
Jacob tells them Charlie is coming. Edward snaps at Jacob because Charlie being there will give Bella physical pain. Yet when Charlie's there, everyone leaves Bella alone with Charlie :roll: And it doesn't look like she's struggling with him being there at all. It seems uncomfortable, but nothing more than that. (off course, I only saw the movie once, so I might remember this wrong ;))
Being a vampire seems to come natural to her. Which, of course, it does. And it's not like I wanted to see a lot of struggle or her having a hard time dealing with it. But a bit of adjusting would have been nice to see.

But yeah, I liked her as a vampire a lot.
From what I've read so far, many people don't agree with how her shield was shown, but I thought that was done really well.
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Re: What Do You Think of Vampire Bella?

Post by marielle »

Can I just state that I love her wardrobe!!!!!!!! I loved her outfit she wore to the confrontation and the one she wore when they figured Alice had left...
Also the make up of Bella was perfect...

KStew do a better job than I expected her to do in playing a vampire but I wished they had taken a bit more time to show how primal and fearless vampires are especially as a newborn...
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Re: What Do You Think of Vampire Bella?

Post by Violet Sunlight »

I thought vampire-Bella was great. For me, movie-Bella always had a different feel than book-Bella. I think movie-vampire-Bella was true to the tone that she has carried out in the rest of the films. I always thought movie-Bella was a bit more daring, more edgier, than book-Bella. I thought Kristen did a great job blending both.

I also, thought she looked great. I loved her hair when she went to meet J. Jenks. Although, I wish she would had worn something a bit dressier. I thought she wore too many dark colors in the movie. It looked like everything she wore was gray or black. Other than the blue dress she was dressed in while she was transforming, I can’t remember any other bright colors she wore (maybe in the sunny meadow scene, I can’t remember now). I did however, think her battle outfit was great. Although again, why did she not wear the diamond jewelry Aro gave her? Maybe it didn’t go with her outfit. (Just kidding).

As far as her struggles with her newborn thirst, I thought her struggles in the First Hunt were right on. However, I did think her thirst struggles with Charlie could have been way better. When Charlie approaches her, I think she was excellent, very well done but then she got way toooooo comfortable after that. She should have shown some sort of discomfort while showing affection. Maybe she could have seemed affectionate while Charlie is looking at her and then when he’s looking away she could have shown some discomfort. I also thought when Charlie met Renesmee, Bella could have thrown Renesmee’s middle name in there. It would have been more sentimental.

Lastly, I didn’t expect her to struggle while in J. Jenks presence. In the book, by now she had her thirst in control. Although, I did expect J. Jenks to sweat a little, but he didn’t. But it’s okay, loved what they did with the scene anyway.

I thought golden-eyed-vampire-Bella looked stunnning.
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Re: What Do You Think of Vampire Bella?

Post by pennybug84 »

I love vampire Bella. My only complaint, like other have pointed out, was the first time seeing Charlie. Yes she handles it better then most newborns but they still should have found a way to show her struggling and being uncomfortable.

I also wish they did a better job on her sparkling when she went into the sun. It didn't seem like there was much there and if I didn't catch on that's what she was going into the sun for, it seemed like a pointless scene. And then at the end in the meadow they didn't have her sparkle (or Edward.)

I loved fierce protective mother vamp Bella. Her getting ticked at Jake about imprinting was awesome. And then when Kate suggested she needed a better motivator to practice lifting her shield.
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Re: What Do You Think of Vampire Bella?

Post by Naterpie »

I totally agree with the sparkling comment above. I was expecting some super sparkly Bella moments, and I was slightly disappointed. But overall, she had the vampire look down. I wondered how they could give her a very different look and feel between being human and being a vampire, but they did!
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Re: What Do You Think of Vampire Bella?

Post by Violet Sunlight »

I agree with the comments about Bella's one and only short sparkling scene. They really should have kept that scene like the book. It would have been soooo cool to have the family talking and then all of sudden the sun beams on all of the sparkling Cullens and then have Edward say his romantic line to and about Bella, then Bella could have said or thought her lines. I guess the sparkling special effect must be complicated to do.

I would have been okay with the short sparkling scene if they would have made up for it with Edward and Bella sparkling in the last scene, in the SUNNY meadow. It would have been an even cooler way of wrapping things up. But I guess it will always be a pet peeve of mine. Sigh.

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Re: What Do You Think of Vampire Bella?

Post by Kat_Mac »

I loved Vampire Bella. For me, it was the best performance by Kristen. No stuttering or blinking, she had the confidence that Bella finds down to a point and she nailed the parental parts of Bella really well, too. It was the closest that movie-Bella has been to book-Bella, as I agree that movie-Bella was always edgier and more moody than book-Bella. Best Kristen performance by far.
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