What's your Favourite Movie of the Whole Series?

Discussion of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2

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What's your Favourite Movie of the Whole Series?

Post by December »

Well, now we've seen them all. Do you have a favourite among the five Twilight films? Is it the same as your favourite book? (And if not, why not?).
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Re: What's your Favourite Movie of the Whole Series?

Post by Tornado »

I would have to be Twilight for me. It's what introduced me to the saga, I love beginnings, and I felt Edward and Bella's love for each other came through best in that one. And yes, it is my favourite book, too!
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Re: What's your Favourite Movie of the Whole Series?

Post by marielle »

I think BD2 comes closets... Though I can loudly say that I hate what the scriptwriter, SM and BC did to us... I really loved the movie...I have seen it 3 times and it still has me on edge.
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Re: What's your Favourite Movie of the Whole Series?

Post by TwilightFan87 »

Eclipse has been my favorite book because I like all self discovery made by Bella and until today it's been my favorite movie too..but now BD 2 is definitely competing for that spot :)

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Re: What's your Favourite Movie of the Whole Series?

Post by Amanda Beth »

New Moon, which is interesting because it's my least favorite book. Twilight and BD2 are probably tied for second.
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Re: What's your Favourite Movie of the Whole Series?

Post by nezziecarlycullen »

I would have to say that BDpt2 is my favorite movie in the series. While many people didnt like the ending, i LOVED it. :clap: It added just a little something and gave us a new idea about alice and aro. In the books its only in bella's POV so we never get to see any of that. And i loved how they just tied it all together at the end with the credits and the flipping pages that tied it back to the book.
I really felt that each movie got better and better. When my mom and i watched all of the other movies before we watched PT2, that was really evident. I remember watching twilight and were both like ," you know it really was the fans that kept it going. compared to the books, this is BAD." And thats true, without the fandoms, twilight would have never made it past that film festival back in '08. (seems weird that only 4 years later, its over :cry: :heartbroke: :bye: )
As for the books BD is also my favorite, You got to see bella evolve from a weak human to a magnificent vampire. ITs what the entire saga is leading up to. I also definately love the introduction of renesmee.
Over all BD was my favorite in both. I loved the movie and the book and couldnt have asked much more out of the movie. I deffinately couldnt have done better myself.
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Re: What's your Favourite Movie of the Whole Series?

Post by MoonlessNight »

New Moon is definitely my favorite of the movies. The only thing I would change is to have the bedroom scene (after returning from Volterra) longer. Considering that some parts of the book were difficult to read, I really think they did a great job with the movie. BD1 is my second favorite. They really did a great job with the wedding and honeymoon, and the birth scene. I'm undecided with BD2. Of course I liked it (they could have puppets acting out the movie and I'd still see it), but the beginning of the movie was rushed to make room for the faux battle scene. I'm even more surprised that the beginning was rushed, since Bill Condon did an excellent job of pacing BD1, primarily the wedding and honeymoon.

As far as the books, I go back and forth between Twilight and BD as my favorite. If (when?) MS ever gets published that may be my new favorite.
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