Special Effects in Breaking Dawn Pt 2

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Special Effects in Breaking Dawn Pt 2

Post by December »

A thread to discuss the special effects in Breaking Dawn Pt 2. Did you find them believable? silly? exciting? annoying? How do they compare with previous movies?
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Re: Special Effects in Breaking Dawn Pt 2

Post by Jazz Girl »

Well, nothing will ever be as bad as the mountain-running inTwilight or the wolf-debate in BD1. But, overall, I was impressed with the special effects. There were times when the way that McKenzie's face was CGId on to the smaller body that the angles didn't quite match up, thus leading to some creepy looks from that poor thing. But, overall, given what they were trying to create, I think it worked alright.

I love the way they did Benjamin's and Kate's powers. And, the shield was pretty well done, too. I liked it's subtlety.
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Re: Special Effects in Breaking Dawn Pt 2

Post by TwilightFan87 »

I totally agree that the baby looked a bit creepy but I understood why. I loved Ben and Kate's powers but I always pictured Bella's shield a different subtle color...that's just me though.

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Re: Special Effects in Breaking Dawn Pt 2

Post by Tornado »

I thought all the effects were brilliant except for the Renesmee face replacement.
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Re: Special Effects in Breaking Dawn Pt 2

Post by Violet Sunlight »

Renesmee’s baby look:
Renesmee’s baby effects were the ones that could have been better. In my mind though, I made the creepy-baby look, work. This is a vampire movie after all so I chalked up her creepiness to the idea that vampire-hybrid-babies just look like that.

Bella’s Shield:
I loved the fact that it was unique, to me anyway. However, I do think it could have been better. Everyone else’s gifts were done perfectly. I wanted her shield to have a flexible liquidy-look to it instead of a misty-like look and with sparks in it, with Edward’s being the brightest. I think it would have been a nice contrast to Alec’s black mist. But, again I do love the unique look of it.
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Re: Special Effects in Breaking Dawn Pt 2

Post by openfire »

I wish that the sparkling was more like it was in Eclipse... I didn't think it was very noticable when Bella walked into the sun for the first time. And I really really really missed it in the meadown at the end :(

I really liked Bella's shield. Not exactly how I imagined it, but pretty cool nonetheless.

I didn't really like Alec's mist.. I would never have described it as black! But I guess they had to make it noticable for viewers...
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