Breaking Dawn Pt 2 Official Soundtrack

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Breaking Dawn Pt 2 Official Soundtrack

Post by December »

A thread to discuss the soundtrack for Breaking Dawn Pt 2
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Re: Breaking Dawn Pt 2 Official Soundtrack

Post by marielle »

I haven't downloaded the sound track yet. But in the movie the songs seemed to work very good. much better than with Eclipse.
I absolutely love the Green Day song... it's close to a perfect ending.

However the Score of this movie is amazing!!! Especially the introduction of the movie, the landscapes and all... the music behind it was so good.

Any idea when the score will be available?
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Re: Breaking Dawn Pt 2 Official Soundtrack

Post by Jazz Girl »

Bill Condon having a history in musicals, I think, has helped so much on the last two films. I absolutely loved the soundtrack overall and I thought each song that does appear in the movie is perfectly placed. Antidote works so amazingly well for the arm-wrestling scene, becoming the equivalent of SMBH from Twilight. Heart of Stone during Edward's confession to Bella about underestimating her is just haunting and seems perfect for how Bella described herself at that point. But, I do have to say, I absolutely love Fire in the Water. It's primal almost... desperate in a way, which is exactly how I picture them in those moments.
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Re: Breaking Dawn Pt 2 Official Soundtrack

Post by TwilightFan87 »

Marielle- it releases soon, I want to say the 29th? I already put the score on my Christmas list :) I bought the soundtrack but haven't listened to much of it beyond the Carter Burwell song which is amazing! I enjoyed the music like always but more so will love the score like I did with BD 1

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Re: Breaking Dawn Pt 2 Official Soundtrack

Post by missp »

I'm listening to the Soundtrack right now!
I am in love with Green Day's "The Forgotten"!
I Love Love Love the new "A Thousand Years" duet!
As usual, Carter Burwell nailed the "lullaby"!
I really love how the soundtrack fits with the movie so well.
But... what I really can't wait to get my hands on is that absolutely PERFECT score!
I can't wait to do some fanfic writing with it playing as inspiration music!
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