Rob's Halfway House -- #7

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by fi_fi »

Hello All :)

It's been so long since I've replied to posts, I'm going to get stuck straight in:

Amy - 2 trips to the ER? That's one heck of a weekend for you! Glad to hear your wee one is ok. Pics of Jesse if possible please :) Sounds like you had a perfect family Sunday though! You only use heating 2 months of the year? WOW!! I'm afraid North Wales is known for it's cold (often a slightly damp) houses, especially the old miner's cottages like the one we're about to move in to, but with fires, wood burning stoves, and extra jumpers, we get by :) I can't imagine what it would be like to live in a desert, I'm so used to all the green (a bit like Forks, but with less rain and more sunshine!)

Raine - Congratulations to your friend! As a child of divorced parents, I strongly believe that it is much better for children to grow up with two parents who are separate but happy than parents who are together and unhappy - IMO, if you grow up with unhappy parents, you just learn how to be miserable! And it's no less than I have come to expect of us HH sisters that we support our friends when they need us, whatever the reason! And as for those who will talk behind her back, as Dr Suess said, "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind".

Chrissy - Yes please to picks of the new house!! At least being at the top of as steep hill, and further from the bus stops, will keep you fit! (sliver lining to every cloud and all that) Good luck with your studies for Public Speaking - what course are you doing?

Jaclyn - I'm feeling the lost hour's sleep as well! And I'm loving the pics of ActionRob, they remind me of the 'Take Home Ted' we had at the nursery where I used to wrok, the children would take it in turns to take Ted home for the weekend, and fill in a diary with pictures and stories of what they'd done - I love that we have our very own Halfway House version! To answer your question, we start paying rent this Friday (April Fool's Day!), so can officially move in then, but as there is no rush for us to be out of the caravan, we're going to take our time moving, sorting things out as we go, to make it easier and (hopefully) less stressful.

Christina - Sounds like you had a wicked time (boom boom). I can't wait to hear what you think of WfE - I LOVED it, and am planning on re-reading it before I see the film. I love your comment about the fridge being tiny! That's normal size here in the uk, (or I think it is - back me up Jaclyn?) an under-counter one (though ours isn't under the counter, obviously!). There's a saying here that everything is bigger in America - cars and fridges especially! Oh, and congrats on the 2 converts!!

Tracy - I'm glad your dauther's team were imroving as they went along, and hope they weren't disheartened by not winning. Does the team get on well? Sport is always more fun, winning or losing, when you're playing with friends. I'm afraid you've lost me with the talk of 4th and 5th graders - how old is that?

Marielle - I love open fires as well, though as it's a rented house, we didn't get to choose, and wood burners are apparently more efficient. What I like most about wood burners (we have one in the caravan as well) is that you can lock them down at night, so that they burn a little bit all through the night, then when you get up in the morning, you open the vents and have instant heat - fantastic when there's no central heating! Also, burners produce a LOT less dust than open fires - always a bonus! I hope you enjoyed your afternoon of reading in the sunshine - bliss :) As for BD starting t wrap up - do you think the Cullen clan might have tattoos done, like the 9 members of The Fellowship of The Ring from LOTR?? Would be cool if they did!

StellaBlueBella - Rachel? Sorry, I seem to have missed your introduction. AL is Alabama, right? I think yo umay be right about Rob being a shy extrovert, though without lying him down on a leather couch and giving his mind a good going-over, I'd hate to put money on it. (mmmmm....Rob on a leather sofa.....)

Caryn - PLEASE excuse my ignorance - what sport is it that you, Hubs and your boys get so het up about? And I just wanted to say that I agree with every word you said about attitudes and expectations in regards to unplanned pregnancies.

missp - Hope you feel better soon!

NewJen - Hi! :wave:

Susie - Up to your old tricks again!! Sounds like you're having a lovely time with Lulu, and gad you're getting on with her Hub as well - of course he doesn't think you're weird!

Lulu - Your description of Susie is exactly as I imagine her! I think I'd be very nervous about meeting online friends as well - I'm never sure if I come across as I mean to with online stuff - so much is lost by typing rather than talking!

Well, I think that's me caught up! For now, lol!

GB was away last week, I'm not sure if I said that he's doing a course to become an electrician, he studies at home, and then goes into the centre to do 3-day workshops at the end of each unit. This was his first workshop, and it seems to have gone well, and he enjoyed, which is ace :) He went out with his sister and 2 cousins on Sunday evening, and was going to get the last train home, but missed it by 5 mins, so stayed at his Mum's an extra night. When I spoke to him yesterday morning, he was sounding very rough, and admitted to being very hungover - so I drove down to pick him up (3+ hours each way). Brownie points a-plenty for me :)

And I started another new job yesterday morning - caring for a little girl, H, just turned 2, so that her Dad can get on with his work (he's a sail maker) in the barn in their garden, and her Mum is at work (she's a lecturer at the Uni here - Bio Chemistry). It was lovely, H took her time to get to know me, but I think we're going to get on :)

Right, I'd better get back to packing and organising!
I'll try and check in again soon!
Love to you all xxxx

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by openfire »

Hey folks,

Just a quick catch up...

Susie & Lulu - Yay for another HH Meet Up!! I love the picture of you both - infact, Lulu I have just realised who you remind me of!! I'm not sure if you watch Bones? But if you do, you remind me of Booth's girlfriend Hannah!
I hope you two have an awesome time & I look forward to hearing all about it (and maybe seeing more pics!).

Christina - Sounds like you had a great time at Wicked! That's really cool you got to go backstage afterwards!!
I love your copy of WfE...I have the regular cover, but I kinda wish I had waited and got the Rob&Reese cover now!
Sorry about the rain today! Is it at least warm rain?

JennJenn - Sorry you lost your one shot - that is majorly annoying!! Did you manage to write it back up again?

Tracy - Sorry your daughter lost her basketball games at the weekend, but that's great that they improved each game. And since they haven't been practising long together, really good!!
I've not actually seen any of Fringe but I have heard that it is a godo tv show, and has a lot of similarities with The X Files. It's something that I would maybe start watching, if the first season came back onto tv.

Marielle - Your Sunday sounds like it was a lovely day :)
I love that you skated to the shop! I was on rollar blades a few months ago for the first time in years and had such a great time!!

Rachel - That's really cool you live very close to missp. It would be awesome if you two plus Tracy would be able to meet up for WfE!!

Amy - Sounds like your weekend was really nice!! Your Sunday dinner sounds tasty!

missp - Sorry you aren't feeling too good! Hope the appointment with the lapband doctor goes well today!

SuperJen - HELLO! :) Glad you popped in! We've missed you!! Erm, I can't see the picture of my breakfast just now, but the tattie scones are the 2 golden brown square, circular things (great description I know LOL!). The haggis is the darker circular thing. They are both very yummy! LOL.

Caryn - Yay on the Butler win!!

Ok gotta run!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by dazzel21 »

Evening Girls!!!

Yay we're a couple of pages from a new thread :clap: :clap: . I'm so proud and happy to to say I've been part of the last 3 and looking forward for the next 100 :lol: .

I thought I'd post this here instead of repeating it to everyone who asks. Anyways my friend's bf a.k.a father of the baby is still somewhat in the picture. I haven't met him yet but some of my friends does, so I can't really form a personal opinion of him but everybody in our circle of friends doesn't like him. My friend says, the bf pays all the medical bills that's not covered by her medical insurance, vitamins, milk supplements, etc so that's at least good news. We just hope it lasts until after she gave birth because she'll be undergoing a C section and its really expensive.

Susie - The pub you went to sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy your visit with Lulu.

Chrissy - Its great that your mom finds a new house sorry that the location isn't what you are looking for though. Of course we're interested to see what it looks like. Yay for getting your own space in the 2nd floor.

Jaclyn - Did ActionRob beat you at Mario Kart :lol: ? I can take hamsters I think they're cute and cuddly and white but rodents yikes *shudders*.

Christina - Yay for the backstage tour. And double 'yay' for finally purchasing the WfE book I love the movie tie in cover but my copy is the original one. Have you started reading already??

Tracy - Aww sorry about your daughter's basketball team losing the game.

Marielle - Glad I could help!!! After that was posted in lots of stories had been updated...That's 1 down 8 more to go :lol: . Come to think about it we're all over 25 and not one of us had ever think of getting married, there must be something wrong with us :lol: .

VolturiGirl - It does sound like a nice weekend spent with your family. It's great that you could post from work, I used to do that too and it took as much as long as you.

Caryn - It looks like you, your hubs and your friends are a fun crowd to tag along during the games. I don't mind being rowdy and crazy specially if the team I'm supporting is the one who's playing. When my friend called to tell me she has an exciting surprise for us I immediately think of 3 options: 1. She had a new bf; 2. She's getting married; and 3. She's pregnant!!! It's not really that hard to guess.

Tonise - Hope you get better real soon.

Lulu - Pedi with Susie while reading EW, now that's what I call a relaxing day!!!

NewJen - Hi! So nice to hear from you again.

Marielle - I imagine the last day of shooting for BD will be very nostalgic for the cast and crew. Heck I'm not part of it but just thinking about it makes me sad too. Found this in the lex Goodbye to BD sets :(

Fi - Beautiful piece of advice from Dr Seuss :lol: . Thanks for that. Love the pictures you posted of your new cottage. Very homey...

Gotta go!!! Had messages in FB and Twitter to reply and FF updates to read.
See you all next time.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Jazz Girl »

Afternoon, mis hermanas. It's been an ucky kind of day. I'm home feeling gross and, as I'm not as dedicated with nearly as many reasons to head to my office as Tonise, I decided to stay home and catch up on some sleep. I managed to get a few things done this afternoon, workwise (can I just say I love the cloud), so now I'm getting to the more important stuff.

Amy~ Were you able to navigate Virgy’s page? As I said on the FF board, if it doesn’t work, post me a screenshot and I’ll try to figure out what the issue is.

Christina~ Yes, that’s the ebook manager that I use. That, in combination with a fanfic capture program, makes my life lovely as I can load all my fanfic on my Kindle and take it with me. I started Into the Mystic last night and am loving that as well. At this rate, I’ll have burned through her entire catalogue in short order.

Tonise~ Aww, sweetie, I’m sorry you’re feeling poorly. That’s a side effect I wouldn’t have considered of the Lap Band, but I can see how that would make sense. It really sucks that a sinus infection has that kind of secondary side effect. I hope you feel better soon. You are a truly dedicated teacher to make sure your kids have you administering the test for them. Your kids are very lucky.

Susie~ you tricksy little hobbit you!! :lol: (Yes, in my head that is a big compliment). Well, it looks like the two of you had a wonderful afternoon together. Pedis, sisters AND Rob. *sigh* I’m so glad you are having a great time in Phoenix. I’m betting it’s the perfect spring break get away spot from still-white Minneapolis. I have to say, it completely cracked me up that you loved the lack of contractions in True Grit’s dialogue. Though, it doesn’t surprise me at all. I did, in fact, end up curled up in my chair, but only for about 15 minutes. I just needed a bit of a recharge and, what do you know, Rob’s perfect for that! :D

Lulu~ It’s nice to finally “see” you. You do look very very much like an Phoenix girl. :D If there was ever anyone who was absolutely perfect for being the sister who goes around and meets us all, it is Susie. You’re spot on in your description of her. She’s warmth and cheer personified. “She’s either too nice and too interested or sneaky at turning the attention back on me” I know, right?! No, I think she’s just a genuine lover of people and comfortable person to be around. You just feel like you can talk to her. You should tell you hubs to jump into the conversation about Rob’s personality traits. I’m sure he’d love that!

NewJen~ Aww, thanks. No explanations needed, sis. We’re just glad you stopped by.

Rachel~ An interesting combination of major and electives but I really like it. I think that you should do as much as you can to vary and expand your understanding. Plus, it sounds like you really do have some good insight into people. Calling Rob a “shy extravert” is pretty good evidence of that. I would still put him much further on the introverted side of the spectrum, though. In my opinion, it is his need to create and to communicate through what he creates that leads him to act and to compose and perform.

Marielle~ 5 kilos of sweets! Wow! I want to come to your birthday party! :lol: The book Eragon is much better than the movie, though I adore Jeremy Irons as Brom. Hubs and Biggun’ are pretty enamoured of the books. I read the first two in the series, but haven’t gotten to the third one yet. That’s hysterical that you say that about following the Dutchies. We’ve been compared to rapid soccer fans before while watching a game! I can’t help it. Like I said, they are my guys and that is my school and I’m beyond proud of them. I can’t imagine what it will be like for them as they wrap shooting. The last thing I saw was that official shooting was to wrap on the 15th, but that could change. It’s been 3 years of their lives and such a massive thing that I have to imagine it will be hard. I am still hopeful that they end the shoot the way they did with the Twilight shoot; Edward&Bella together, absolutely as it should be. No matter all the other crap, the story is always, at the end, about Edward&Bella and the amazing love they have for each other. What could be more appropriate than to end it with them?

Fi~ No excuse necessary. Our obsessions here in the states can be a little baffling to those outside of them. One of the major sporting events of the year here is the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Assoc) Basketball Championships, otherwise known as the Big Dance. Here in the states, university athletics, at least in the sports of American football and basketball, are HUGE, like stadiums filled with 100,000 people huge. And I, along with the hubs and the boys, am a HUGE fan of college basketball. Each spring, the NCAA creates a tournament of 68 teams (that’s new this year, it’s been 64 teams for many years), which are supposed to be the best out of all of the university teams across the country, and they play to see who is the national champion. My alma mater (and Hubs’ as well, it’s where we met), Butler University, is now one of the last 4 teams to play for that national championship. Aside from being pretty cool in its own right, it’s a bigger deal because Butler is a very small liberal arts university that plays in a conference of similar teams. We are going up against huge state universities with 4 or 5 times our student population and where athletics are king rather than academics. Add to that that we are now in the Final Four for the second time in as many years and, yeah, it’s a huge deal. Awww, how sweet that you’ll be taking care of a sweet little girl. The are so fun at that age. By the way, way to bust out the Seussisms. I always find the wisdom of the good doctor to be above question.

Jaclyn~ Thanks, sweetie. As you can see, it’s kind of an obsession of mine.

Raine~ It didn’t even occur to me that we’d be getting a new thread soon! *runs to PB account to start looking for decorations* Well, I’m glad that her BF is still around to support her. How do they know she will need to have a C-Section? Is she very tiny? :lol: I’m betting that we’re only fun if you support the team we do, in this case, our Dawgs. If you don’t, well, we won’t be mean, per say. But, as Rob is likely to say, we’ll spend the evening taking the mickey out of you, that’s for sure.

Alright, I'm back to catching up as much as I can. Heart you all.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by twilightsagaaddict »

*quietly sneaks in the back door......*
hi everyone! Sneaking in for a drive-by post. Looks like I've missed a ton - only had a chance to read today's page.
Looks like we have some new members *waves HI! * I'm Sandy! :) and Susie seems to be traveling again! :)
Caryn -congrats on the Dawgs going to the Final 4!
Tracy - so travel basketball has started?
My oldest's 1st softball tourney was this past weekend. They won 1 of 3 games...and it was 32 degrees. Bleck! Which probably explains my cold and fever ;)
I've been plunged into The Hunger Games...still have to tackle Mockingjay, but, wow they're some heavy books! Once I finish those I can read WFE.
gotta run (at the kids' orthodontist appts). Hope to make a proper post and 'meet' everyone tonight!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by VolturiGirl »

Happy Tuesday to you all.
I got a lucky break today. My boss went home sick, so I got a chance to sneak out of work, get a Starbucks, go on the Lexicon to see what's going on, and read a fanfiction. Thank heavens for caffine.. :lol:

susie WOW! Your son sure is a busy boy. I see why you had to help him out with all his work. I do remember those days. I did a lot of sports in highschool where I didn't get home until six in the evening. My mom did help me out with a lot of homework. So, I went to my mom's house for lunch yesterday and showed her my welcome to HH pictures of RP from all of the ladies who have sent them to me and she about tore off the screen of her laptop. Needless to say, my mom is Rob fan.! My purpose was to show her ActionRob. She wanted me to post that ya, I'd love to be involved with Action Rob. :D

Jazz Girl Thanks for you help and the recomendation to EDAW. I am loving that ff. I love his thoughts regarding the Nick Jr. cartoon characters. I am actually taking a break from reading it right now so I can post this.

missp tonsie right? I'm so sorry to hear that your sinus infection/bronchitis is affecting your health and your sleep. What I can't believe is that even though you are sleeping in a chair, you still get up the next day to go to work. I hope your doctor's appointment went ok. On the lighter side, congrats for only having five more pounds to go. That in itself is an accomplishment.

Marielle You mentioned your birthday. Happy Birthday. So, what kind of sweets did you get and are you going to share with the rest of us in this room? I got a kick to read that you do this at work too. I'm actually doing this at work right now. After this, I am going back to my fanfiction. Just so you don't think bad of me, I got all my work done first. My husband always makes jokes about me never working.

lulu Interesting x-ray. I didn't get a chance to see my son's x-ray. My husband brought him to the hospital, but everything is ok with him. I guess he passed it. I'm so glad that you and susie had a good time. I actually live in Blythe, Ca. I'm about two and a half hours from you. I thought that I was the only one who lives out this way, so it's good to know. I could have crashed your's and susie's party. LOL!! :mrgreen:

openhome Thanks for explaining what the dark circular thing was. It was driving me insane thinking "what in the world is that?"

Rachel I am so glad to read that I am not the only one with all boy kids. Were I live, it seems that everyone has girls. Is your oldest involved in sports? I want to get my oldest signed up for flag football this season. I cannot wait to do the whole "soccer mom" thing.

So anyways, back to work. Everyone have a good Tuesday.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Jazz Girl »

It's official, sisters. Jacob Jankowski is going to be the death of us all. But what a sweet demise it's going to be.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by BlueStarEgo »

Hi everyone! I hope everyone has had a very productive day.

Before I begin, I would just like to start with saying that this WILL be a slight rant and if you want to, just skip it.

So, yesterday I was on the 1st of 2 buses I take to get to school. While on said bus this guy gets on and sits directly behind me. Theres only about 6 people on the bus so there is plenty of seats. But, I wasn't complaining about the guy sitting in the seat directly behind me instead of another seat in the sea of empty seats(that may sound sarcastic, but I really wasn't trippin'). No, I wasn't complaining at all........................UNTIL this guy lets out this big, nasty, wet, disgusting, horrid, and painful sounding cough.

I am SO not exaggerating you guys. I thought this dude was gonna cough up a really important body part. I thought he was gonna cough up something that would have to pass his knee caps to enter his throat. This went on the entire bus ride which was a good 45 minutes. This guy didn't even have the decency to open a window or anything else. I don't even know if he was covering his mouth. By the time I got sick of hearing him hack his insides up, I decide to move, but oh! too late! The high school kids began getting on and taking up the other empty seats.

After a while I was beginning to think I was the only one who wish I carried around those Lysol spray cans. Then, a couple of people - including me - started to ask if he was OK. the bus driver even kept staring at him from the mirror. He said it was fine and it was just a little cough. Little my a......butt! There was an older lady sitting in front of me and every time he coughed her head would go further and further inside of her coat. If anyone has ever seen Master of Disguise, the "Turtle Club" scene would be perfect to describe this lady. I whispered and told her I know how she felt, she told me she felt sorry for me. Lol. Another guy opened up 2 windows. I guess the comfort of knowing that fresh air was near was a comfort to most.
So at last, I reach my stop to get on my 2nd bus. I figured I was done and I wouldn't have to deal with that any longer. But, nothing in life ever goes the way I want it to. This guy gets off at the same stop to get on the same bus as I do.

So now we're outside and he's continuing to release his unworldly germs unto the rest of us -for the most part - healthy beings. He knows another guy who is outside waiting with us and asks "Can you tell I sound a lot better than last time?" Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! SIR! I'm gonna have to ask you to repeat that last questions. You were worse?? However could that be humanly possible? So the bus comes and no, before anyone even asks, this guy did not have the decency to take a secluded seat in the front or the back. He sits directly in the middle of the bus! Oh, how I prayed the Lord would bless me with a germ free plastic bubble to reside in for the remainder of that bus ride. But again, nothing in life goes that way I want it to. He continues to rumble the bus with his cough.

You know how people say they have on "beer-goggles"? I felt like I had on germ goggles and I could see every little molecule of a germ every time he opened his mouth. I wanted to bathe in my hand sanitizer.

I'm sorry if it really sounds like I was truly coming down on this guy, but I'm really not. I'm sorry he was sick, but I would have appreciated him being sick a healthy 50 feet from me. My immune system is nearly non-existent (as you guys probably can tell I'm ALWAYS sick) and I didn't want to add his germs to mine.

In other news, I had a dentist appointment today to get a hole filled. For the first time I am in real and very stiff pain after a filling. I've had plenty and I've never felt like this. I could barely open my mouth to drink water.

I'll be back soon with some replies. Hope everyone has a great day!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Susie »

Hello Ladies!

I’ve had a wonderful day with Lulu! We went to the Desert Botanical Garden, then had lunch at an outdoor restaurant and then went back to her place to watch...wait for it....TWILIGHT!! We’re taking a dinner break now (Chinese), but will soon start New Moon. I don’t think we’ll be able to fit in Eclipse!!

Chrissy – What a horrible bus experience! Well, all I can say is that you probably have pretty good immunities right now since you’ve been sick recently. I’ve had fillings (or rather thing like crowns) that are worse than others. Sometimes the dentist really digs down deep and also sometimes it seems like I get more pain killer than others and it takes a long time to feel normal again afterwards. Sometimes it has to do with where the tooth is. I think way in the back may be worse. Feel better soon!

Caryn – HOBBIT? Yes, the weather here is divine for me – a real spring (Summer!) break. Your kind compliments - *blushes* Awww shucks! You girls are so interesting I want to find out more about you so I just keep on asking questions. My memory of you, my dear, is that you were more than willing to oblige with the answers! Did you not notice the lack of contractions in True Grit? Thanks for the Robkowski w/Giraffe pic!

Amy – You are so close to us right now!! Too bad I didn’t know because I’m sure the type to try to arrange something! Next time! You and Lulu will have to meet sometime, though! That’s so cool you showed your mom the Lex and all our yummy pics of Rob! You sure can be on the list to get Action Rob – but it won’t be until the Fall, is that OK? My son does a very unusual sport – circus. He is an aerialist with a youth circus in the Twin Cities. He’s really good at it and very buff! And yes, that interferes with homework too! He has 4 classes a week. I can tell you more later if you’re interested.

Sandy – Was the softball tournament OUTSIDE?? You’ve got to be kidding me! At least in Minnesota we wait until April. Sorry about your cold. I have a cold too which is a bummer since I’m visiting Lulu right now. I loved the Hunger Games Trilogy. It gets increasingly violent and dark, though, so be forewarned. I didn’t realize that you hadn’t read WfE yet – or are you re-reading it?

Raine – Thanks for filling us in on your friend’s baby daddy. I’m glad he’s making a financial contribution. I agree that the cast and crew will be very sad on the last day of filming. They’ll probably have a nice party and maybe we’ll get some pics, but Rob has to go right to promoting WfE so he can’t stay to party.

Jaclyn – So did we surprise you?? I tried really hard. I know you were suspecting me of visiting Lulu last week, so I thought maybe you’d given up on the ides. You will for sure see more pics eventually.

Fi – Don’t worry, I’m fairly sure you come across online just as wonderful as your true self is in person and I sure do wish I could meet you too someday!! I will still have the flight benefit and can fly to London – then I’d have to take the train to Wales. I’ve never been to Wales! Brownie points indeed for picking up GB 3+ hours each way. How many days a week/hours will you be caring for H? I’m sure she’ll love you.

Rachel – Love it! Rob is a Shy Extrovert! You are ENTP – VERY interesting. hmm.....OK now I’ve got a handle on you – I have a friend who is ENTP and she is Sooooo much fun!! She’s able to get a lot more done than I do because of the whole NF thing going on with me!!! My first degree was a BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. HHAHAHA Then I was a SAHM and then I changed my career – I got my K-12 Teaching license in ESL (2001) and then my Masters in 2004. It’s a much better fit for me as an NF!!! Congrats on being a SAHM!! Wow – 7 and 8 months! Does your older son like to play with the baby?

Tomorrow I go back to snow country. I’ll be sad to have to say goodbye to Lulu! My next post will probably be tomorrow night at home or maybe not until Thursday morning if Sonny Boy is trying to cram in one last Health assignment before the midnight deadline!

Affectionately Yours, Susie
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by velvet409 »

Evening sisters!

I saw a commercial for WfE on tv last night! It was basically an abridged version of the second trailer, although I did manage to catch something new. Everything was moving really fast but there's a quick snippet of Jacob saying something like, "It's my choice." Any thoughts about what scene this is from?

missp~ Sorry to hear you're feeling so bad. :( I hope you get better soon. *hugs*

Susie~ Hooray for getting to meet lulu! :clap: I'm sure you'll have a blast. The company putting on the show supports an AIDS charity and they were giving away things (like signed posters) for donating certain amounts. For a $100 donation you got a backstage tour. Ginnie and I will be seeing WfE opening night, but I'm sure I'll want to see it again so maybe I'll go with one or both of my new recruits. I'm waiting to see what Gym Twifriend thinks of the book. I will send you a PM this week with some feedback. In the meantime enjoy your trip and take lots of pictures!

lulu~ Isn't Susie sweet? Have a fabulous time together!

Rachel~ The list looks up to date so I'm pretty sure that everyone who currently posts is on there. When we move to a new thread one of us will repost the list on the first page for easy reference.

Fi~ I've actually already read the book a couple of times (Ginnie was kind enough to lend me her copy). I just finally bought one for myself. I had a fridge that size in my dorm room in college, but there's no way I could fit everything in one that small now. Maybe in America we refrigerate things that you normally wouldn't. We also buy a lot of frozen foods. What kind of stuff would you typically keep in the fridge? I hope you don't think I'm being nosy but I just find it interesting. :blush: And good luck with your new job!

Jaclyn~ The rain was a front coming through the state. Once we dry out, the temperature is supposed to cool down a bit. This may be the last cool weather we get before summer begins. And I think you're right about lulu resembling Hannah from Bones!

Raine~ It's nice that your friend's bf is at least offering some support for her. If you don't mind my asking, why will she need a c-section? I'm on my 3rd reading of WfE right now. I want to have the story clear in my head for when I see the movie. I saw the BD set story on the Lex earlier. What's confusing to me are the comments people are leaving about using them to film The Book That Shall Not Be Named when SM finishes it. Do they not know what it's about? Why would they make another movie from it? :confused:

Amy~ Your mom obviously has excellent taste. ;) Has she read the books or seen the movies? EDAW is a fantastic story isn't it? I agree his comments on the kiddie shows are hysterical.

Chrissy~ Feel free to rant away. I totally understand you not wanting to be too close to this guy (and he said it was getting better?!) and catching whatever he has, especially since you're just getting over an illness. Hope this Robcrack helps to cheer you up.
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