Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by fi_fi »

Hey all
Just a quick one, my sis is here, visiting from South Africa, and I told her I had to check work emails...

Sandy - WOW!! Oh my Dear Sweet Lord - What a welcome! I know some of you don't like pics of him smoking, but as a puffer myself, I have no issues with it. And is it me? Did you SEE the size of those shoes???

Jaclyn - I grew up off the West Coast, the Outer Hebrides.

Will reply to other postings later. Am going back to gawk again at Sandy's welcome (and possibly drool some more...)

laters, fi x

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by Openhome »

Hello sisters of the Halfway House!

I just wanted to pop in and give a friendly reminder that the Lexicon has a very strong policy against using illegally obtained images. You can find that policy here. Since this site is not allowed by law to post such images, it is a very serious issue for us.

With Eclipse just days away, there are several illegal images floating around out there that simply shouldn’t be posted here in any way. Please make sure that your images are not pirated and are legal to post. I know that isn't always easy to tell, but if in doubt, please don’t use them.

Thanks for your help,
The Mod Team

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by openfire »

Happy Hump Day!

I had a super busy, but very productive, day at work. I am feeling quite proud of myself :lol:

Fi - I live in central Scotland. I have never been to the outer hebrides before. My friend went on holiday last month to Barra and the pictures of the place were stunning!!

Raine - I really like the tumblers! I would buy them too :D I hope you feel a bit better now your allergy meds have kicked in. I hate having puffy eyes (I'm allergic to cats...but I really love cats so it can be a problem :lol: )

Caryn - Hope you enjoyed the football! I'm glad the US got through :D Who will you be playing in the 2nd round?

Openhome - Thanks for the info on the pictures. I didn't even think of that being a problem *smacks head* whoops!
Maybe I will just stick with some lovely Twilight Edward & Bella. Perfect!

Haha, I was reading an interview with Rob & Kristen & Taylor and when Rob was asked what he was dying to see onscreen: "Bella! Can’t wait to see when she cheats on me. It’s a great scene, you’ll see". And then when Kristen was asked what it was like to kiss Taylor so passionately: "It was very weird kissing someone else, because Bella loves Edward so I don’t know what the hell she was thinking. Plus, it was weird to me because Taylor is like my little brother".
It might just be me, but if you read into that a little it makes me smile :D Because of this gorgeous couple!

I'm away out tonight to our pub quiz. I hope we do well - we've not won in ages! Haha!
Hmm...maybe I need some good luck charms...
What about some wet Rob??
Or some excellent JawPorn??
Aah, I am feeling very lucky now :lol:

Have a great night everyone!
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by marielle »

* heavy breathing....pushing a new perv-couch through the door*
Ladies Have a Seat

Caryn, how long have you been out cold after those pics????
Congrats on the US soccerteam....they did brilliant....
The dutchies have to play their last poule game tomorrow, so we have BBQ and beer...

Openhome, we all appreciate the copy right policy, specially with Eclispe coming out we will be careful with spoilers and pics/GIF's....although we expect you guys to help's hard to know what's illegal and what not...

Raine, I hope you sleep well, and that the allergy reaction is getting better...

-Ok, I really have to finish my next fanfic chapter...have a nice evening ladies
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by Jazz Girl »

Fi~ *giggles* Oh, no worries. We've all become masters at finding "excuses" and "covers" to hop on the Lex. Eventually, you'll become like most of us and just hop on without apologies. I mean, it's Rob after all, right? :lol: As for the smoking pics, I'm a recovering "puffer" (love that word by the way) myself. But, I'm sorry, somehow, Rob manages to make even courting cancer look hot.

Jaclyn~ We'll be playing the runner up in group D which, right now, looks to be Ghana. But, we've seen how quickly things can change, haven't we. :lol:

Marielle~ If your next fanfic chapter is The University of Edward Masen... just... *hugs you* have faith, sister. This chappy had me all over the place, jumping up and down and cursing at the computer.

Openhome~ I PMd, but I'll also post here. That was my fault. I should have been more thorough in checking the source. The site where I found the pics, the poster indicated they were legally obtained. I should have been more diligent. I will be more careful next time.
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by missp »

GOOD MORNING, LOVELIES!! 8 DAYS TO GO!! 8-) I have a pedicure and a manicure scheduled for today followed by a trip to the gym for some cardio since my neck seems to be virtually back to normal although still a wee bit sore. Then tonight it's JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE with the cast of Eclipse!! Yay!

DAZZLE~~I hate to hear that your allergies are giving you trouble and I hope that you feel better after your meds kick in. Shrimp is one of my all-time fave foods, and I would be so sad to have to stop eating them due to an allergy. In fact, I am eating some couscous with grilled shrimp as we speak. Thanks for checking out my fanfic! I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm actually working on the last chapter and the epi right now.
EDWARDS WHEELS~~Blowing up the pool with no help from an air pump would not be possible for me! And, the spider would have done me in. I DON'T DO SPIDERS! I hope you joined Buddy in the pool to cool off for a bit!
DESPOINA~~Yay!! 4 kilos already!! Keep up the good work! You're gonna look even hotter than you already do in those new clothes!
FIFI~~Enjoy your visit with your sister! Sister's are the best friends a girl can have. I have three of them, and they are THE BEST!
JAZZ GIRL~~ :o Those pics should come with a warning label, Girl! Those eyes...the scruffy beard...I must visit the perv chair immediately! BD 1 Premier!!! *SQUEE!*
[bTWILIGHTSAGAADDICT~~][/b]Enjoy your weekend getaway to the Dells!
OPENFIRE~~Glad you had a great day at work! Enjoy your pub night!
MARIELLE~~OMG!! Love the new perv couch! It's big enough for all of us! Enjoy your tennis game! I loved to play when I was in college, but I haven't played in a long time. Unless you count the Wii! :lol: What's the title of your fanfic? I'd love to check it out!
EDWARDS RAGAZZA~~Hope you didn't hurt yourself when you fell out of your chair! ;) Have a good day at school today!
OPEN HOME~~Thanks for the friendly reminder!

All right, I really want to do some writing before I have to leave for the salon. Ya'll have a great afternoon/morning depending on which time zone you're in! Later, Sweets!

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by Bellsuz »

Caryn ~ those robsessed pics are gorgeous. So much so that I feel the need to spend at least a few minutes typing this out on my *great* phone. But actually my phone should thank you as well because she now has a lovely new background. Gaaaahh! Those eyes!!!!!

I'll will now resume my perusing on my phone and hopefully be back later when I'm on a real computer where I can see FullSizeRob....TTFN!

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by December »

Marielle wrote:Openhome, we all appreciate the copy right policy, specially with Eclispe coming out we will be careful with spoilers and pics/GIF's....although we expect you guys to help's hard to know what's illegal and what not...

As Openhome says, if in doubt don't post. If they're photos you're just dying to share, free to contact one of the mods for confirmation that they're ok.

Basic rule of thumb though -- if you can't find the photos/information on an official site (Summit, Twilight Saga, or a major and reputable news outlet like CNN or the NY Times they're probably not legal.
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by Susie »

HUMP DAY? I think we’re treating every day as hump day lately!!!

Sonny Boy and I visited another college today and we both are exhausted again! This one is quite urban with a lot of diversity, quite different from the small town college of yesterday.

Openhome, December, and bac – Thanks for helping to keep the Lexicon a reputable site. We often don’t know what we’re doing when we post “illegal” pics. Good reminder.

Jenn Jenn – Thanks for asking Raine for pics of the tumblers!

Raine – Great tumbler pics! I really think they are great! Shrimp allergy!! You have to be careful with that! By now, you’re probably passed out from the allergy meds….Swollen eyes are not good. I hope you recover soon.

Desiree – Well, 4 Chapters on densely packed text is quite different from the Saga – it would take me all day to read too. At least you’re interested in the subject and can apply it to your own life.

Marielle – You’ll just have to stay in that perve chair until the Eclipse movie. I hope Tennis went well, even though you were – shall we say, distracted???

Ann Marie – Date night – your boyfriend doesn’t think you should hang your head in shame…..

MissP – Pedicure and manicure – girl – you sure know how to do summer vacation!! Your name story is so cute!!! My daughter’s college is St. Olaf College in Northfield Minnesota, so we hope he will be able to get in there - it is highly competitive, but he is a sibling and that gives him an advantage. YES. Jimmy Kimmel tonight!!!

Mel – Paddling Pool – Your day sounds like some I has when I had little ones around – but now you can enjoy the pool – it doesn’t take much to keep them happy when you have a little pool in your garden – you can just sit and relax with your book – just like in my story.

Deb – Nice pics! Congrats on losing weight – of course as a true American, I have no idea of what kilo is…..It is great that your dietologist is a Twi Fan too!

Fi – Yep. That pic will definitely do it!!! I’m partial to that one myself! Caryn will tell you how to name your pic…..

Caryn – Yessssssssss very nice new pics! Your friend got THAT close? Did she melt into a puddle immediately after taking that picture?? – Thanks for the World Cup update – Go U.S.A.!!!! Go England!! Go Netherlands!!! At this point, I can cheer for all three!

Sandy – Thanks for stopping by to leave some hump day pics!! Have fun at the Dells!!! It is so much work packing up a whole family for vacation.

Jaclyn – Can you have a turn on the hammock??? Well, sure! As soon as I’m done. I’ll let you know, but I am especially comfy right now. THANK YOU for the interview quotes about which are their fav scenes – interesting! Hope the pub quiz was fun and that you got some of the answers right!

Susan – Now you’ve got some great phone wallpaper!!

I have to teach my class tonight and will need to go early to prepare. Unfortunately, my classroom is a bit stuffy because the air conditioning isn’t working properly in the building, so I’m really not looking forward to the 3+ hours there tonight. But-I shouldn’t complain!!! It is a job and it is extra money to spend on my traveling habit!! ;)

See you later, my sweeties!

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by diane771 »

Happy Hump Day

Susie when you get a chance to swing by NT I think for now it will work the best. All you have to do is go to comments and then paste from there. It is working out better that way. So introduce the fanfic and everything else will work.

to everybody who thinks that Cullen, Harley and Kodi are special because they are great dogs. Now I need to show you Ayla and Meisha.

Bac, December and the mods. The pictures that I post may be taken by Summit or other legal means but it is rare to jump on them that fast. I try for Neverthink to post as they come out and once they go on the Net, that is fair game unless someone doesn't want to show the public their pics. I have not run across any negativity for posting on my site with the owners and I do go to more than one source for my pics. I do try and stay away from the manips but sometimes unless you really look deeply at them some do pass by me and I do try and delete it. I know what they mean about copywrites I posted a video and 2 months later a person came out with almost exactly mine. It really bothered me sort of like Robert Pattinson is Bothered. :D