Gutter Gals & Guys -- Rainbow Popsicles. The Discussion.

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Gutter Gals & Guys -- Rainbow Popsicles. The Discussion.

Post by Nena »

This is the PG+ rated Adult thread (its probably closer to PG-13, but even we have our limits). For G-rated conversations see the Heavenly Hash Adult Thread.

Thread guidlines carried over from previous threads...

Welcome to the Gutter, please follow these rules to prevent us all from drowning in this thread or any other.

It is important to remember that the main forums are not a chat room or an IM feature. Posts need to be of some length and relate to the topic. One line posts, especially just saying LOL or something similar take up a lot of room and are hard for people to wade through when they have many pages to catch up on.

Related to that, it's not necessary to post just to say good morning, goodnight or to "keep the thread alive." You can certainly say good morning at the top of your first post of the day, but don't make it the ONLY thing you say. As for keeping the thread alive, it's not going anywhere. It will still be here long after all of us have moved on to newer things.

Quoting. The quote feature is neat. And helpful but when quoting, delete out the parts of the quote that aren't necessary to your response. Quoting, especially when pictures are included take up TONS of room on the lex and make it hard for all of us. It's quick and easy to cut out the parts that are unnecessary. Quoting is also one of the easiest places to fall into IM behavior. It is so frustrating to have to scroll through tons of quotes just to get an "I agree." questions that don't benefit the whole group, or are directed at one person need to go into the PM feature. If we constantly repost thins like links or topics from the past, we burn
through unnecessary pages.

Straying off topic. This one is probably the hardest, since we are an off topic thread. So I can't ask for much here, perhaps just a little mindfulness when it comes to posting. Consider if it is something for the whole group, or something that belongs in a PM.

Those of us who started out on this thread LOVE it. It has been our home here. We love new people, and
new ideas. We do want everyone to play nice and have fun. We would hate for something to happen to this thread.

This thread (well version 2 of this thread) started as a "safe" place that adults could come and discuss the books, theories, and a few other topics. Many of us felt we had little in common with the teens that posted on the majority of the threads. Also many of us were very put off by all the hate post eclipse or by getting flamed for our more adult opinion based on our broader experience. Usually someone would post a question and we would all weigh in. It was great!
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys -- Rainbow Popsicles. The Discussion.

Post by Nena »

Ok, so I am breaking the first rule here, but I think a lot of people skip the introduction to the thread and jump on the wagon right away and I need to make sure everyone is reminded that besides the rules stated above, our regular forum rules apply.
Please remember:

No one liner posts
No double posting (you can edit any post by using "Edit")
No instant messenger style conversations (I hope I will never get to see only 2 people's posts in one page)
and the rule of thumb:

When in doubt... take it to PM
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys -- Rainbow Popsicles. The Discussion.

Post by nissanmama »

Oh! Oh! Me First!! *raises hand, jumps up and down, and dates herself back to Welcome Back Kotter*

cullengirl wrote:Adrian Brody will always be Dave to me. I wish Lane ended up with him, but Zach grew on me.
I tolerated Zach. He was so opinionated, yet helpless. Maybe he's a good match for Lane since she's a get it done kinda girl, but I really liked Dave. I liked the way he protected and looked after her feelings. We never got to say goodbye to Dave, he was just suddenly away at college and with no lead up, Lane suddenly liked Zach. Too choppy for me.

Speaking of boy actors...I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of an actor Jeremy Sumpter turns into. He was Peter Pan and so sweetly boyish. (I have to say that version is my very favorite.) He's just 19 now so no swooning yet. You know, he would make a very good Jace from Mortal Instruments.
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys -- Rainbow Popsicles. The Discussion.

Post by Goodnight Elizabeth »

Go Nena!

Spooky, was it you that said you may have rented The Covenant because I recommended it? If so - watch it now! Steven Strait will always be Jacob for me. Always.

I'm at work today. I still feel awful. I haven't slept. I'll be leaving here soon and going back to bed.

Una: Someone really should take my ISP guys out and beat them.

I plan to start reading the Southern Vampire Mysteries today. Yay me.

We need a new topic for our lovely new thread.
Squee! Thank you, Nena!
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys -- Rainbow Popsicles. The Discussion.

Post by spookybell »

Okay I will go back and get the Covenant again. I returned it without watching it.

There is nothing about Adam Brody that would make me want to watch a movie with him in it. Myabe I will return In The Land of Women without watching it. I've only had it for almost 2 weeks.

Nena... Loving the avatar!!!!
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys -- Rainbow Popsicles. The Discussion.

Post by una »

Nena - nice avatar and you didn't break the rules. The first post is more like the doesn't count.

GNE I'm sorry you are still sick and at work! Tell your students to be nice to you or they will be desert for the Volturi after they consume your ISP folks. :twisted:

So I should watch "The Covenant"? I haven't seen it either but I've seen you guys talk about it. How does it compare to "The Craft"? I assume (uh-oh) that they are both about witchcraft, right?

I love the new thread smell!

ETA: After the PMs (thank you!) I will get "The Covenant" in my netflix list! Thanks guys!
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys -- Rainbow Popsicles. The Discussion.

Post by oleander »

YAY!! Rainbow popsicles!! I love that one. Who was it who originally came up with it?

Nena, i could watch your avatar all day!!

I have permission from my friend Danya (D) to post this. She is married to a wonderful New Zealander named Joe (J) who is still a little in awe of her Twilight obsession and all things Edward and Cullenary. I can't wait for her to finish reading the books and join us here because she'll go absolutely nuts in the Gutter.

She recently e-mailed me with snippets of conversations they've had and they're too precious for words. I adore Joe. You will too.

Conversations Joe and I have had:
D: I'm in love with Edward.
J: Are you leaving me for him?
D: If he comes for me, yes... I will leave you.
J: But he won't come for you, or that would cheapen his love for what's-her-name.
D: Bella. Yes, you're right. He won't come for me.

And later:
J: I love you.
D: I love you too......... Sigh.
J: But I'm no Edward?
D: No.

Funny Danya/Joe/Twilight story #13 - Danya is crossing the road to go to the mailbox for the mail- Joe shouts from the driveway- "Be safe!"

Joe has now taken to saying "Be safe" for everything...for hello, goodbye, just randomly.

Sigh...I need a Joe. Instead i get an Edward who won't call me back.
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys -- Rainbow Popsicles. The Discussion.

Post by vampman »


I have seen the version of Peter Pan that you referred to. It is very good. Have you ever seen Finding Neverland with Johhny Depp? That was a really good movie. Although it tells the story about how Peter Pan was conceived by the author it is worth a look.


I certainly hope you are feeling better today!

It took me a minute to realize who Steven Strait is. He was Warren Peace in Sky High. He looked so much different in 10,000 BC. Did not even look like the same guy. I totally agree with you though about him being Jacob. Taylor Lautner is probably OK. But, your right about Steven Strait. He's got that rough around the edges look!


The conversation that you relayed between your friends is great. Although in my case I am the one that is obsessed with Twilight not my wife! And she does not understand either
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys -- Rainbow Popsicles. The Discussion.

Post by VampLover »

Ok so I had this wierd dream the other night and wanted to share it. It wasn't anything to do with twilight, but wierd none the less.

Preface: I am not a Brad and Angelina fan, They just don't interest me.
So in my dream I am Brad and Angie's nanny!! And Angie kept asking me
about what she should eat. It was very very wierd.

Anyway I though I would share! And hey since Twilight is from SM's dream, I though I would throw this topic out for you.

What is the wierdest/craziest dream you have ever had?
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Re: Gutter Gals & Guys -- Rainbow Popsicles. The Discussion.

Post by vampman »


WOW! That was a weird dream. Considering Angelina has been in the news so much lately about how fast she lost her weight after having a baby. So, I would venture to say that your answer would have to be nothing!

The weirdest dream? Let's see. I can remember one when I was a kid. I know this is gonna be weird but, there were "giant" woman like 30 ft tall vacuuming my mom's house. Tell me that's is not strange! What does it all mean?! :shock: :D