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Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:00 am
by ellalou73
I really hope they keep packing it all in. I was just thinking that with the Thanksgiving Holidays coming up that they will likely have another great weekend. They made 70.6 million over this first weekend, so I hope they do that well during the holiday. *keeps fingers crossed*

Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:49 am
by BlueStarlight
oleander wrote:i have a question for all my lovely GenXers...quite obviously our generation was in the minority at most showings of the movie. So, I was wondering: did you feel old or were you happy to be able to squee and blame it on the kids?


What was the audience reaction to the movie where you saw it? Were they loud? Quiet?

I saw it Friday night with a group of friends, none of whom were as obsessed as myself. There were more young adults than teens at this showing. There were teens and college age kids on dates. There were more females than males- to be expected. There was ONE child... seriously, heard of a babysitter?? There were some squeals when the Cullens walked into the cafeteria, and I woo-hoo'ed when Edward walked in. I even said, "day-umn" when Edward and Bella walked in the parking lot together. I didn't feel old at all. There weren't that many people over 40 there, and a few of those were my mom's nurse friends- LOL. Hmmm, my mom could have been the oldest one there; she's 60! I was in fact happy that I could squee when Edward showed up and get giddy and not feel out of place. I did "woooo!" when Carlisle walked through the door of the ER. I "awwwed" when Alice and Jasper walked in, too.

There were some claps at the end. Over all, the audience was pretty good. There was more laughing than anything. There were no outrageous screams when Edward showed up.

Now, hubby and I went to see it yesterday. There were maybe 50 people in the theatre that seats 200. There were 4 older couples, a few groups of teen girls, a few groups of 20-30's girls and several young couples. The teen girls screamed and yelled "EDWARD" when he showed up! To be funny, hubby "boo-ed" when Carlisle walked in. I slapped him on the shoulder and whispered loudly to him to shut up!! The guy in front of us got a kick out of that!

Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 12:10 pm
by una
Hubby, my book buddy and I went and saw it at 1:50pm on Saturday. We had a blast. There were only twenty people (maybe) to see it. The next showing (when we got out) had about thirty people waiting in line, mostly teens. Our showing was mixed with adults and teens. I will say the teen aged girls in front of us were better, MUCH better behaved than the adult women behind us. We looked back several times and I even "shushed" them. There were the awes on Edward and Cullens, the oohs, and appropriate gasps. I was good, kept quiet but poor hubby's hand would get clenched or I would jiggle because I was keeping in my swooning! He laughed at me. We had a great time and in fact, the teenagers in front of us heard my book buddy and I discussing some point of the movie. They looked back up at us with awe and wonder. Then started asking all sorts of questions about MS, the next book. So far they had only read Twilight (seems they are sharing one copy), on of the gals had brought it with her, and the other was 100 pages into New Moon. We chatted with them for a bit and then left for a late lunch/early dinner. It was a great experience!

Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 1:58 pm
by vamps4evr
I went with some friends Friday morning 10am - there were a lot of people - mostly adults - afew in their 60s and a few "couples" it wasn't sold out but there weren't many seats left - there weren't any disruptions...just a few laughs and maybe ME wondering after Alice, Jasper, Emmitt and Roselie entered going WHERE is Edward...and then a little louder then what I thought 'ooooohhhh woooowwww' come outta my mouth - really is he only 23?? hahahahaha can't wait to see it again!

Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 9:13 pm
by oleander
I just went to see it again and there were maybe 40 people there (in a theatre that holds a couple hundred people). They were a good crowd. they laughed in the right places, swooned in the right places and didn't talk through the movie...well, that's a lie. one of the girls sitting behind me had never seen the movie before so she kept asking her friend who people were.

Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:38 pm
by Goodnight Elizabeth
My bestie, Dev, and I saw it Thursday evening at the midnight showing and all 400 seats were sold out. We arrived at 10. It was 3/4 teens with 90% of them being girls. The rest of audience was women with maybe 3 or 4 men. Everyone was dressed up. Several of the people wore Twilight stuff. The atmosphere was electric. We all squeed during the HP preview. We all squeed, laughed, or groaned as a group throughout the movie. It was awesome.

I saw it again the next night at 10pm, and this time I had my 12 year old fan girl niece. When we walked in, and had our tickets checked, people were being turned away. Every showing thus far had been sold-out. That's 4 showings with 400 seats each. We stood in from 8:30 - 9:30. Once we were seated, I saw a few people I know - including a couple of students. Some of the people sitting around me had been there for the midnight showing as well. The audience this time was a better blend of teens and adults. There were several men this time. I would say the teen to adult ratio was 60-40. This group was much quieter. I expected to laugh out loud at the same scenes from the night before, but the 2nd audience was much quieter. The 2nd showing was not as fun.

I'm hoping to drag my husband to see it Tuesday night when he returns from the deer woods. I'll keep you posted.

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Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:59 pm
by jenni_elyse
Disclaimer: I'm not sure if Nima or Nena already posted about this. I'm bad at rereading the posts when I've missed tons of pages. :oops: :roll: :lol:

A group of friends and I went to the "Twilight Prom" on Thursday night. That group consisted of a few women that don't post regularly and a few that do (Nima, Nena, Dano, Sprtygal, Variety, Slow Like Honey, and Canzone e bella). It was a lot of fun! The prom consisted of appetizers, food, dancing (I danced a little, which is a rare treat, er…sight), promotional gifts, costume contest, fashion show, and you could even get your picture taken prom-stlye for $10. We passed on that because we had tons of people with cameras in the group.

About an hour before the movie, we went to the theater. We all received a gift bag with lots of candy, gift certificates, a Twilight hat (which Nena sported like a gangsta :lol: ), and lots of other fun stuff. The atmosphere in the theater was so much fun. Everyone was so excited and we couldn’t wait to watch the movie. Most of us laughed when they showed the wrong Half-Blood Prince trailer (coming this November :lol: ), and lots of us screamed (me included) when the opening credits came on.

Variety and I had joked beforehand that we hoped the teens wouldn’t scream too much. However, when the Cullens first walked onto the screen, the anticipation and excitement was just too much and I joined in with the screaming. :oops: The screaming just added to the experience and, thankfully, everyone wanted to hear just as much as the next person, so we were all quiet when it counted.

I had planned to see the movie three times opening day. (It just kind of worked out that way.) I was worried that I wasn’t going to like the movie well enough to enjoy seeing it a second and third time. Luckily, I didn’t have to worry about that because I only ended up seeing it the one time and I loved the movie.

I think all of the actors did an awesome job! Any trepidation I felt beforehand was squashed immediately. I especially loved Charlie, Renee, and Jasper.

Even though the movie was different from the book and it wasn't definitely as good, I still loved it for three main reasons. First, I loved that the dynamic of Edward and Bella’s relationship felt the same. Second, I loved seeing everything come to life. Third, I loved seeing Stephenie in her cameo role and all of the little references to the books here and there. I can’t wait to see it again, which I'll be taking hubby to some time this week. :D

I have fun pics (and almost the same narrative) on my blog if you want to see. ;)

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Posted: Tue Nov 25, 2008 2:43 am
by Alice's Twin Sister
HAHAHAHA.... I loved the Movie! Saw it opening night with some friends when I got called off from work then I had my Twilight Movie Premier party and went again afterwards friday night with my same work friends! Getting ready to go see it again this wednesday with the same friends!..... my husband thinks I have totally lost it and I am darn proud of it! We played a practical joke on my one friend who absolutely adores Rob. We pitched in and bought her a stand up likeness of Edward and surprised her thursday night with it. It was absolutley hilarious to see the look on her face when we said her "date" had arrived. She turned the corner in the restaurant we were in and she about died when she saw it.

Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Posted: Tue Nov 25, 2008 7:04 am
by oleander
Alice's Twin Sister, that's hilarious!!!!

Sigh, now i want a huge cut-out of Edward. ;) I could put it in the corner of my room and pretend he likes watching me sleep.

Darn this embargo on talking about the movie...i have the funniest story from last night...will have to try to remember it for next week, I guess. ;)

Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Posted: Tue Nov 25, 2008 9:59 am
by ellalou73
Alice's Twin Sister, I totally understand your wanting to go see it over and over, I do too. When I do, it will be my forth go of it.

Oleander, I am with you on wanting a giant cut out of Edward, I think I could handle having him watch over me while I slept. *Sighs dreamily*