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Re: Ask Edward Anything

Post by sillybanana »

Do you still live in Forks? Or have you moved?
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Re: Ask Edward Anything

Post by The Real Alice Cullen »

I can answer that one. We've moved. Nessie is now far too old to pass as a human daughter, and since we introduced her that way, we had to move. Forks will forever be our favorite place, and Bella and the wolves visit sometimes, but we won't be back until we can't be recognized again.

For all of us, that is the hardest part of our existence. We grow fond of a place and have to leave so quickly after moving there.
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Re: Ask Edward Anything

Post by cullencrush »

Thanks Edward and yes i did post twice. :oops: so I have thought off more questions for you

1-Will you be doing this more then today?

2-Have you ever been scared before you met bella?

3-I have read all the books and they are in bella's point of view but is there anything you want us to now in your point of view?

4-What are your favorite memories of all your family members?

Im glad to hear that you have a thing for burenttees because i am one yeah the only reason that is good is because i have a major crush not that Bella should have anything to worry about

6-Do you and Bella think you guys will ever adopt?

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Re: Ask Edward Anything

Post by sillybanana »

Is it possible for a wolf to imprint twice? What if they found a stronger connection with someone else rather than the one they've imprinted on?
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Re: Ask Edward Anything

Post by newtonscricket »

Not midnight yet! Edward please don't leave the ball yet!

Happy Birthday!

ok, here are my questions:

1.Bigfoot: real or not real as far as you know?

2. If you could, with no consequences (say everybody’s memory is wiped out with that flashy thing in Men in Black), do some very show-offy thing with your vampire powers in front of a whole bunch of people what would it be?

3.When was the first time you rode in an airplane?

Oh, and the blues, do you like the blues?
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Re: Ask Edward Anything

Post by The Real Edward Cullen »

For cullencrush :
1. I've visited this website a few times. I don't expect this to be my last time stopping by.

2. I was scared when I was a young human and I thought I was going to die. Technically, I did die, but by the time I understood that I wasn't scared anymore. Other than that, I don't believe I've ever been truly scared in the way you mean since I didn't feel I had very much to lose. Now I have everything and I don't want to lose any of it.

3. I spoke about this earlier. I think it would change the way many of you regard me if you could have been in my mind when I had to drink Bella's blood in order to remove the venom from her system when James bit her.

4. I have so many great memories of Carlisle! Actually, one of my favorite memories of all time was when Carlisle and Esme actually realized and understood the love they had for each other. When Carlisle told me he saved Esme and why, I knew he had felt she was a special human. Then I heard her thoughts and knew how much she loved him and understood it better. But it took Carlisle a few days to put it together. I dropped a hint here and there but I felt he should discover it on his own rather than me simply telling him she loved him. It was a beautiful think to witness and it has stayed with me all this time. It was one of reasons I never had a relationship with any woman until Bella. I knew what Carlisle and Esme felt for each other and witnessed it's progression. From that, I knew that I never felt that way about anyone... until Bella.

I have lots of great memories of Alice as well. Being talented isn't the gift many of you think it is. Alice and I have spent hours and hours testing each other's gifts to see how far we can take it and so that we don't feel like such an oddity. But there have been many MANY cases of hearing things I just never wanted to hear... especially after Rose brought Emmett into the family.

6. (I'm not sure what happened to #5...) No. We will never adopt. You are aware that you have to pass regulations and that you are tested and social workers come to your house for visits all before you can adopt. So even if we wanted to - which we don't - it just wouldn't be practical.

For sillybanana: I've never heard of a wolf imprinting twice. Do you ask this because you are hoping Jacob will imprint on you? In all sincerity... I wish he would, too!

For newtonscricket:
1. I've never seen anything like a Bigfoot, so I'm going to have to say that he isn't real. I know... a vampire who tries to avoid werewolves saying Bigfoot isn't real? Yeah, I wouldn't believe me either!

2. I'm not certain. If I could use my ability to do everything faster, I would. Actually, I would never EVER go to school EVER again... but that seems unlikely. While Renesmee is still growing up, Bella and I have agreed to stay out of the school system and try to pass for "home schooled" students when someone asks. But once Nes is fully grown, if we want to live in any area for a long time and try to live as normal a life as possible, then we will have to go back to school. I dread the day.

3. I believe it was 1929. Not a pretty story. This was during a time in my life that I don't like to think about much. But I needed to leave Denver quickly and as inconspicuously as possible. It was summer time and even in that climate the sun can be bright. So I took a flight in the evening to Chicago. The place was tiny, only holding about 17 people. It smelled of oil and gas and wasn't air conditioned or heated. And because planes in those days weren't pressurized and couldn't fly above a few thousand feet, the turbulence was horrific! Do I need to tell you what happens to humans when they are hot, they smell disgusting smells, and are bounced around a lot? Let's just say it was disgusting and turned me off from flying for several years.

4. I love the Blues! How can you not love the Blues? If you like any kind of Rock and Roll, then you have to like Blues. Big Joe Turner, B. B. King, Albert "The Iceman" Collins... Or were you asking for more along the lines of Eric Clapton or Stevie Ray Vaughan? Doesn't matter... I've heard them all play live. And they were all great for their own reasons.
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Re: Ask Edward Anything

Post by cullencrush »

well you seem to have a answer for everything.

1-what is the funniest thing emmett has every said to anyone of the cullens?

2-do you ever smile in your pictures??

3-would you have a crush on me if you met me before bella?

4-what is your faviorte time period you lived in? and who did you meet?

5-does jacob think things you would much not rather hear about your daughter?

6-ok i need some relationship advice but i already talked to my parents and they were no help. ok we are not dating and we both like each other but he cant date for awhile and he kissed me on the check and i think this is becoming more then a crush. what should i do?

ok even though i like someone else edward i still have a major crush on you.
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Re: Ask Edward Anything

Post by felida_mom »

I hope I'm not too late! Pacific time zone here - Not like you have to get to bed!
First happy birthday to an amazing individual - yes you, Edward!

Now, my questions:
1) What has been your greatest regret/mistake/error in judgement in you relationship with Bella (yes, I know it's your birthday, and you're trying to keep it happy, but there's a happy side to it!)? What did you do to rectfy this mistake? How did it make you a better person and what did you learn from this? Did you become a better husband, father, friend, etc from the experience? (See, that's the happy part- that you learned and became a better person.)

2) Have you ever taken that trip to visit Arizona yet? If so, did you enjoy it as much as Bella does?

3) Best gag you've ever pulled on Emmett?

Thanks for your time. And again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!