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Re: Discrepancies

Post by Tiger_kitten »

I don't feel like the vampires would indulge in a "war" on humans. I believe that Aro or someone mentioned that with growing science the world becomes further and further from the turth that vampires, and other mythological beings, exist. So why bring it to our attention that we are in fact wrong on that matter?

Vampires are sly and incredibly intelligent (not as if that need saying), if they really saw weapons we came up with as a threat, I am sure they could slither their way into our operations and somehow get rid of them. And if not, if they were concerned about weapons that COULD destroy them, it does not seem rational to me to give a prominate enemy to use them against. Which is what would happen if they revealed themselves.

And I feel as though we would have a fighting chance if vampires for some reason decided to rally together and try to destroy the majority of us all... newborns are idiotic, so using them would not work out splendid... Especially since they would need to destroy them eventually, which would be a hassle, because there is not enough blood supply. If you are trying to get rid of something, the way you do that is not by creating something dependant upon it. And vampires are easily destroyed with fire... Although they are incredibly fast, I am sure that our vast amount of numbers and our various amounts of wit (against the stupider vampires at least), we could get rid of some...

I don't know. So many things to consider. So many factors...
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