Riley: More or Less Sympathetic Than in Eclipse

A discussion of the novella The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

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Edwards Ragazza
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Re: Riley: More or Less Sympathetic Than in Eclipse

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

I wouldn't say that I felt sympathy for him nor do I like him. I did feel like many of you that he was been manipulated by Victoria while reading Eclipse and I still feel that way.Victoria never cared for him. She was using him as pawn just like the rest of the newborns. Do I feel sorry that he died absolutely not . He could've redeemed himself in my eyes by telling Bree to run instead of still making her believe that Diego was alive in hopes that she would also be killed. If he had she would've caught up with Fred and still be alive today.
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Re: Riley: More or Less Sympathetic Than in Eclipse

Post by pennybug84 »

Well to answer the question definitely lesss than Sympathetic. I felt some sympathy for him in Eclipse because I knew he truely felt something for Victoria but she was just using him & he didn't know that. And then after what he did to Diego & making Bree think he was still alive (even though I was pretty sure he was already dead) and not caring that all the others would most likely be killed and lying to them & how he treated him changed all that. I am glad that he & Victoria got what they deserved. It'll be interesting to see this in the movie.
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Re: Riley: More or Less Sympathetic Than in Eclipse

Post by Nikki-- »

Reading 'Eclipse' I didn't really feel much of anything about Riley, he just seemed an idiotic pawn in Victoria's plans. If anything, I felt slightly sorry for him that he loved Victoria so much and that she couldn't care less. Having read 'Bree Tanner' though, I could not despise him more. What really disturbed me was how he flat-out lied to Bree about Diego and even described how he had died. Standing by and letting Victoria kill Diego is bad enough, but then saying all those things to Bree is just utterly despicable.
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Re: Riley: More or Less Sympathetic Than in Eclipse

Post by openfire »

Pel wrote:Did anyone really, seriously dislike Riley? When I first read Eclipse, I thought of him as this nice dumb kid who got his head twisted around. I felt really bad, like maybe he should have had a second chance. After reading Bree Tanner I seriously don't feel bad for him anymore. What a callous and calculating horrible person.
I couldn't have said this any better myself.

In Eclipse, I felt a little sorry for him. I thought Victoria had used him, lied to him to get him to create an army for her... And even though that was wrong, I kind of felt it was out of his control?

However not now. Not at all. He is just as bad as Victoria in my mind! Like others have said, he could have redeemed himself by telling Bree the truth about Diego, but he continues to lie up until the very end. I have no sympathy for him at all now.
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Re: Riley: More or Less Sympathetic Than in Eclipse

Post by saw93 »

Okay so when i first read eclipse i thought riley was just a guy caught up in victorias web of lies and lust. Like she made him fall in love with her than manipulated him. That might still be true but when i read The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner i realized it was much more than that. I was sympathetic for him thinking he was just a mindless follower untill he described Diego's death and lied to Bree about Diego being dead. Now i hate him even more than Victoria.
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Re: Riley: More or Less Sympathetic Than in Eclipse

Post by vampbball »

I think Riley is a serious contender with Aro for most evil character. Before any of you feel too sympathetic, remember that Jasper - also created by and romantically involved with a chick on a power trip in order to train and manipulate a newborn army - befriended Peter then HELPED HIM ESCAPE with Charlotte. To Jasper, who'd never known anything but fighting and death, friendship meant something. Not only did friendship not mean anything to Riley, but he turned out to enjoy the torture and murder of his "friend." I couldn't care less about his lies to Bree - even she knew he wasn't trustworthy, but what choice did she have? But to have brought Diego to Victoria and then to participate in his's crazy. (But does anyone know why knowing about the sun was an offense punishable by death?)
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Re: Riley: More or Less Sympathetic Than in Eclipse

Post by s-morgan »

marielle wrote:I so totally hate him right now......

In eclipse I felt that Victoria was manipulating him, and still she used his love for her to let him do what ever she wants...
but him killing Diego and just behave like that towards Bree...grrrrrr

I know for sure that when I see Bree in the movie I'll cry....and I'll be very very very happy when either Edward or Seth rips Riley apart...
I agree with you to an extent Marielle but i dont think he's totally to blame, yeah he was vile most of the time to the newborns but i think this was also Victoria's fault as she knew he was in love with her and used this against him and for her advantage!
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