Review Time: The I Loved Bree Tanner Thread

A discussion of the novella The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

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Review Time: The I Loved Bree Tanner Thread

Post by Pel »

Here is where you can talk to other fans about how you loved the book and generally squee
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Re: Review Time: The I Loved Bree Tanner Thread

Post by kerry211 »

Well the novella arrived about 3 hours ago, I've just finished it and I loved it.
Poor little Bree, she didn't stand a chance and any sympathy I ever felt for Riley has been dispelled. To live a while in a newborns thoughts was fascinating. I really wanted Bree to get her happy ever after with Diago & Fred. Fred's an intresting character to say the least!

Congratulations Stephanie, IMHO a worthy addition to the saga.

Ps Knew the Volturi weren't to be trusted

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Re: Review Time: The I Loved Bree Tanner Thread

Post by Amanda Beth »

It was a wonderful treat for us to see from an SM vampire POV. I never considered the fact that Edward could be reading Bree's mind. So all along he knew the Volturi were out to get them--with eye witness testimony. I would have thought that would have eventually come up, but since the stories were Bella's POV, it isn't surprising that Edward would have kept that from her.

I am so curious as to what would have happened if Bree went with Fred...or if Diego hadn't died and either they ran off together or met up with Fred and started their own coven.

I loved at the end when Bree thought "be nice to him, please" in regards to Fred, so Edward could hear her. She still had empathy left in her, even as a newborn. And that she was okay with dying, as long as the Cullens knew that the Volturi were dirty.

Five stars, Stephenie.
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Re: Review Time: The I Loved Bree Tanner Thread

Post by Kate »

I like it!

I had goosebumps at the kill of the lady in the car... I totally burst of anger when I read the Volturi visit! My mother come see if I were ok! :)

At the end... Poor Bree! So kind for her friend! And the last line of Edward make me shiver...

Thank you Stephenie for that!

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Re: Review Time: The I Loved Bree Tanner Thread

Post by rosedahlia31 »

This was a great novella. I feel so bad for Bree. She had no chance as a human and she had no chance as a vampire. And she lost her first friend and love Diego. I almost started to cry. I wish we could find out what happened to Fred. He kind of reminds me of Garrett in Breaking Dawn. I liked having her perspective at the end with the Cullens. We found out what happened before Bella showed up and we also got to see her interact with Edward through her thoughts. And of course the Volturi knew what was going on. Edward guessed it from the very beginning. I know we have seen clips, but I am curious to see the novella all mixed in with the rest of the movie. An overall gook book. Keep it going Stephenie Meyer.
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Re: Review Time: The I Loved Bree Tanner Thread

Post by marielle »

I loved it.......loved it loved it loved,.....

I can't believe how sad the whole story was... reading about her falling in love when you know she's going to die...

and Carlisle rocks even in this story, how he stops his attack on he offers her a chance....ooh man it made me cry....
and when she realised Diego was dead......oooh man...that was the worst....
I can't believe SM killed them both.... in the end it was probably more fair to have them both dead because if one survives it would be so sad...
and Riley...he makes me even more angry.......
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Re: Review Time: The I Loved Bree Tanner Thread

Post by Total Twilight Fan »

I loved her, I loved her point of view and the way she thought about the vampire world. The way that even though everything was completly different, for her it wasnt much if at all better. That made me care for her, the fact that during the book even though it was just a few days spanned, she grew as a character. Coming out of her shell and thinking more, thinking about how she could do this, and that and how she came to be friends with Diego and Fred. She never really trusted Riley, I had that since the first night it left the impression on her that if he could do it once, then it was how he was always going to be.


When Diego came along and helped Bree discover that not every vampire is brainless, I think that it made her feel less alone in this new world that wasnt much different from her old one. She found someone to bounce ideas off, someone who thought like her, someone who could see past the typicalness of all the new borns in Seattle. He was smart, but if anything, too trusting, too believing and that was his downfall in the end. I couldnt believe how he was ended, it made me cry. I grew fond of Diego, he was a character that had a mind of its own.
Id like to imagine that Fred was still running around right now, being very replusive to everyone he meets. Its a good gift, very good for surving in that world. I just wish I knew what his face was like when Bree and Diego never turned up- I bet that he was dissapointed, because he knew what was going to happen in the end. He was the most mature, definatly. And the advantage of not being seen gave him time to scope everyone out and trust only the ones that he knew where different.
I liked him, he didnt cause trouble, but was calm and very together.

I didnt realise what a nasty b** Riley was. I cant believe that he turned out to be so bad in the end. Maybe it wasnt his fault, maybe it was Victoria and he used to be good, but she corrupted him. I think, the turning point was when he came back from killing Diego, and was so calm and calculating, and even told Bree he was still alive. I did believe that he cared for Diego, that he thought of him as a brother, until then, when Victoria asked him to do something he didnt like, but did anyway and he realised just what was going on. I wonder, whether Riley wanted to see them all dead in the end, there was something that made me think that he did it all because he genuinly loved Victoria- actually did, and he would have killed anyone for her. It was a shame that he turned out to be something so horrible, fashioned into a weapon by Victoria.


I loved when Diego and Bree discovered that they didnt burn in the sun, they sparkled. I found that scene touching and so nice, after all, I was wondering when one of them would discover the truth and I was glad it was those two- they probably appreciated it more. That also made them start to question Riley's intentions, after all, if he'd lied about that, what else was he lying about?

The Volturi

The fact they were in on it, made me a bit angry. I see why Jane would take it into her own hands, and would want the Cullens gone anyway, but they are the Law and they should see that. They lead by example after all, and they dont do they?

The Fight
It was horrible how she realised that Diego was dead and that there really was no point. How Carlisle gave her a chance, I dont think that others would. It was such a shame, that she was a witness, and that Jane killed her. I think that its a shame that she had to die, but even though I knew it was going to happen it was for the best.
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Re: Review Time: The I Loved Bree Tanner Thread

Post by gamb1t »

I really enjoyed reading this novella. Even at 178 pages, it managed to put together a very good back story into everything that happened with the newborns. Also, it gave an entirely new perspective on the events near the end of Eclipse (my favorite book). As someone mentioned above, I had never though about the fact that Edward would be reading Bree's mind and he would have known what was happening. I'm wondering if he mentioned all of this to the Cullens when Bella wasn't around?? I ended up feeling extremely sorry for Bree, with her going through an abusive father, then running away. She was pretty much offered a new life, and it was too late for her before she realized how awesome this life would be. I think an interesting story would have been if Bree would have survived, along with Diego and Fred, and all of them starting a coven together. I know SM mentioned she sometimes wishes she would have ended Eclipse differently, and I'm wondering if this happened after she started writing more about Bree and seeing how interesting her character was?
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Re: Review Time: The I Loved Bree Tanner Thread

Post by Seeker-Mar »

I wasn't expecting to love this book as much as I do. I thought I would only want to read it for the few moments with the Cullen's at the end. Then while reading it I loved Bree and Diago so much I started dreading the end. Stephanie is so great at making us adore characters. While reading it I was thinking, "they are monstrous and murderous and I'm still rooting for them!"

The parts with Bree and Edward at the end were heartbreaking. Somehow I love Edward's character even more now...didn't think that was possible. ;-) The last two line, realizing that Edward was talking to Bree was such a beautiful and heartbreaking surprise. The last two lines were also really beautiful.

This one is much darker though, huh? I hope parents are careful before letting the youngin's read it. Poor Diago...his death is just so gruesome. I also found myself wondering if the vampires were killing children on the ferry. Horrible!

Anyway, I was so blown away by how cleverly Stephanie incorporated the Eclipse dialogue and I really enjoyed this Novella.
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Re: Review Time: The I Loved Bree Tanner Thread

Post by MiVidaLoca »

I didn't expect much from this book but since it was going to be Twilight Related and I would grasp at anything new I went and bought it, or rather sent my husband to go and buy it since I am not a morning person, and I read it on a drive we had that would take a few hours total.
I really enjoyed it. SM talks about how after creating the character more she wishes she could change her dying in Eclipse, I can totally see that, you end up liking Bree and wanting her to get a happy ending. It's a good thing that Fred did leave, I can't imagine how the fight would have turned out if he had stayed and done what Riley wanted him to do. His gift would have hindered the Cullens and probably wolves.
Anyway, it was so nice to have something new to ride in relation to the sage and bitter sweet because just like when I finished the saga it made me wanting more. We are like a bunch of newborns that even if we drink, that ache for more is still there! LOL Anyway, I would love to see more books like this. I mean I would really love the finish of the "forbidden book" but if that isn't happening anytime soon, it would be awesome to have more of these. One can wish!
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