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Re: What's here

Post by debussygirl »

We had a Halloween thread, so are we going to have a Christmas thread?
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Re: What's here

Post by Wingtear »

As owner of "Wingtear's Non-Veggie Vamp Cafe" I would wish that me, my co-workers and our customers get our own thread, since our little derailing is wrecking up GenY---the twenty somethings thread with it's "off topic"ness.
It's a total skit about how to get rid off annoying employees, and later other bad influences in life. My banner pretty much says it all...
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Re: What's here

Post by *Wanderer* »

Well, since we have a "WHO Would You Rather?" thread, could we have a thread with JUST "Would You Rather?" Without the "Who?"

Thank you!

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Re: What's here

Post by Nena »

This thread isn't being moderated at the moment. Please submit all your thread requests on the For the accident prone forum under Request a topic. Thanks!
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Re: Another Old Topic Request Thread

Post by December »

To make sure your requests get answered promptly, we're now permanently consolidating them into a single Request A Topic thread, found in our Communing With the Pack (ie Feedback) forum. Please post any requests there. This thread is now locked.

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