How Does the Search Feature Work?

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How Does the Search Feature Work?

Post by Pel »

This was originally a series of posts written by the completely fabulous Mayde about a year ago. The directions were originally referring to the old message board, but the advice is still sound on this one. Just click on the "advanced search" option at the top right of the page and you will get a search panel that pretty much looks and functions on the way described below.
Some tips:
1) Try to use specific keywords because that will help narrow down your search (e.g. if you are searching for Bella's car, try using the keywords "Bella truck red".)

2) Try using different keywords for a particular search (e.g. if you are searching for Edward's stubbornness, try using the keywords "Edward stubbornness", "Edward stubborn", or "Edward very stubborn" :wink: )

3) Try not to put in more than 3-4 keywords.

4) Under the keyword field, there are two options "Search for any terms or use query as entered" or "Search for all terms". I usually use "Search for all terms" because it narrows the search even more. However, if you are unsure about your keywords, use "Search for any terms or use query as entered".

5) Another thing is the forums. If you know which forum you want, choose the appropriate one in the Forum dropbox (e.g. if you are searching for an actor like Mike Welch, I would use the keywords "Mike Welch", choose "Search for all terms", and select the "Hollywood Hideout" Forum.)

6) Never give up!

EDIT: Tutorial - What is it?

1. This is the Search Page. It is located underneath the Twilight Lexicon picture on all the forum pages.

2. This is the Keyword field. You enter the keywords you are looking for.

3. This is the Type of Keyword Search option. It tells you how you will be searching for the keywords. You can select "Search for any terms or use query as entered", which means the result will include any of the keywords OR you can select "Search for all terms", which means the results MUST have all of the keywords.

4. This is the Author field. You can search for a particular user and find their post.

5. This is the Forum field. You can choose a particular forum to search. Click on the drop-down menu and select your forum.

6. This is the Category field. This is similar to the Forum Field, except that each category contains multiple forums.

7. This is the Display Results As option. You can choose how your results will be displayed, either by "Posts" OR "Topics".

8. This is the Search Previous option. You can choose how far back you want to search, such as 1 week back, 1 month back, etc.

9. This is the Search Where option. You can choose where in the post you want to search for keywords. You can selected either "Search topic title and text message" OR you can select "Search text message only".

10. This is the Sort By option. You can choose how you want to sort your results such as by time, subject, author, etc.

11. This the Sort Order option. You can choose in what order, either "Ascending" OR "Descending", you want your results to be sorted in.

12. This is the Return First option. You can choose how many characters you want displayed for each post when you get your results.

13. This is the Search button. You click this after you have finished customizing your search. Hopefully, after this step, you find what you are looking for. If not, try again :D

I really hope this helps,
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Re: How Does the Search Feature Work?

Post by kellen_fan<3 »

she could even have puppies if thats what it takes.
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Re: How Does the Search Feature Work?

Post by CauseofEdwardIlove »

I have used a few times....didn't really bring up what I was looking for though... ;)
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Re: How Does the Search Feature Work?

Post by -Jasper »

I hadn't even noticed it!
Thanks for actually pointing it out
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Re: How Does the Search Feature Work?

Post by sammiiee »

i have a few questions that i'm unsure about about the books. is there a forum i can post my questions at?
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Post by nevidsee »

I'm new to this kewl Lexicon world.
That was pretty helpful

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