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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by Twilight_Awakening »

I just have two fanfictions:
Title: "New Moon Remixed"
Summary: I just redid the ending of New Moon adding a humorous twist. So if you are in need of a laugh, this might do it for you. At least I hope. ;)
Title: "Blood Drive"
Summary: Forks Hospital is holding a blood drive and Bella decides to donate blood. What happens when Bella reaches the hospital? Will she go into a coma? Will Edward go on a feeding frenzy? And who the heck is that creepy guy that's going to be taking her blood?
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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by Edward's Vampheart »

I've done a few Twilight fanart pictures. Mainly Edward and Bella.

Check them out and please leave a comment :D

^^^ Banner by the amazing Sparkles!

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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by Lioness Rampant »

Wanderer from the Host (or how I imagined her) ... nderer.jpg

Hayden Cullen
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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by Hayden Cullen »

Summary: Edward, Bella and Hayden Cullen are safe in Juneau, Alaska...until one day, when trouble manages to find them again. It isn't a tracker, or a mate seeking revenge. How can Edward protect Bella from someone who only wants to help her? *PRE-BREAKING DAWN*

Read and review, please? :3

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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by Alcyone »

Because I'm shameless when it come to plugging myself...

Title: AB Type
Summary: The Greatest Story Ever Told, by the Greatest Historian of the World. Aro has lived, figuratively speaking, for three thousand years. Have you ever wondered what he has seen and done?
Warning: Begun before Breaking Dawn.

Good evening.

Or morning or afternoon depending on what part of the world you’re in. I see you are waiting anxiously. Interested, are we? Of course, who wouldn’t be? The greatest story ever told, told by the greatest historian of them all. A story of contrasts, opposites, an antithesis. If I may, I’ll use blood as an example.

AB type.
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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by dazzledby »

I have a bunch of Twilight graphics (including Garrett and Kate), and a few The Host graphics. My profile on Vesp is here!!
credit: me!

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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by urcoolcarrie »

the first chapter of Life After Death, the sequel to Death Wish, is up! yay!!
go check it out! but if you haven't read deat wish, you should probably do that before you start Life After Death. otherwise, you will be very confused.
heres the link:

reviews are always welcome!
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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by KaseyHeartEdward »

Here is some Twilight Art i was able to get my brother to do. Even though he has never read the books lol.

Titled: Just One Drop of Blood ... fblood.jpg

Titled: Eclipsed Angel ... dAngel.jpg
Love Always ~KaseyHeartEdward

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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by Silver.Insanity »

I hate self-plugging. I feel badly about it. Of course, I have to plug my story, Perfect. I haven't read Breaking Dawn (I'm going to end up borrowing the book from my friend), but I've read part of it (like, the last thirty pages or so).

Perfect is written for a challenge that my friend, Nadia, thought of. It's centered around Rosalie, and she's not as vain as she appears in the books.

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Re: Check out my fanfic or Fanart

Post by princess_sparkle »

Shameless plugs at the ready...

I reached into the hole and pulled out my prize. For a moment I couldn’t believe it. My heart stopped and I figured that I must be dreaming.

My hand emerged holding a CD. The CD Edward had made for me of his lullaby. The CD that I thought he had taken and destroyed. I placed it in the CD player, where it had been the last time I saw it, and pressed play.

I let the usually soothing sounds wash over me. They did not calm me as they had always done previously. They didn’t cause beautiful butterflies to flutter around my stomach. The combination of notes sent shivers down my spine, and began to coax out my buried memories. I could picture Edward sat at the piano, his fingers moving swiftly as he played my lullaby.

I listened to the music, feeling my body go numb, as I flicked through the wad photographs which had been stashed away, along with a couple of tickets...

True Heartbreak
Rating: Teen
Warning(s): Suicide implications
Summary: What if Bella found what Edward had left under the floorboards? An AU story set in New Moon.

"Will you kiss me Jacob?" She asked, and I couldn't believe my ears.

I had wanted her to say that for so long, I had longed for her to want me, but I had definitely not expected my relatively cruel mind games to work so quickly or effectively. I felt a twinge of guilt for using her weakness against her, for I was well aware that she wanted to keep me alive. It seemed that she was prepared to do anything for my survival.

I faltered when I saw the strange expression on her face. I felt my eyes narrow in suspicion. "You're bluffing." I stated simply, trying not to allow the disappointment in my voice to show through. For one hopeful, naive, downright stupid moment I had believed that she actually desired me. Who was I kidding?...

Rating: Teen
Summary: Jacob cannot comprehend why Bella, the only girl he has ever loved, still loves that leech Edward after all that he put her through. The most unlikely of events leads to his enlightenment. Jacob's POV on the scene in Eclipse where he tricks Bella into asking him to kiss her.

Please read and review... Constructive criticism is welcomed and appreciated.
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