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Re: James

Post by StarEmerson » Wed Nov 12, 2008 9:05 am

Jazziscool wrote:The movie doesn't potray James correctly. The veiw him as an evil vampire who loves to kill Bella, who mocks her, who wants to torture her.

What it SHOULD be is, friendly to Bella, nothing against her, saying she's was at the wrong time, place, etc., but he just wants to fight with Edward. Kind of the same way Emmett loves fighting an irratated bear, but that doesn't mean he's evil and Edward is like Jame's "irratated grizzly"
I really agree with that! We have to wait and see if the movie goes more in to that, it was Edward he wanted really, and getting Bella was all part of his big GAME. I also think the same as other posters, about the mysteries behind him. You know what? He kinda reminds me of Sylar in Heroes? Going after Alice, and then Edward? Sorry if thats too off topic!

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Re: James

Post by bite_me » Thu Nov 13, 2008 3:47 am

Aren't they potraying him in the movie as mortal enemies of the Cullens or something?

because if they are, that sucks.

I love the way he is so polite to Bella . . . before he breaks her leg and bites her.
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Re: James

Post by Mylove.Mysinger » Tue Dec 23, 2008 10:46 pm

bite_me wrote: I love the way he is so polite to Bella . . . before he breaks her leg and bites her.
I do, too! It's like, "Hi. You smell really good and I want to kill you. But it would be rude to say that outright. I know you don't want to die right now, but you really shouldn't smell so appealing, then. Now, I am going to crush your leg under my foot, and then bite your wrist so I can taste some of that de-lish blood. Is that alright with you?" :lol: I love him so much. XD

James- the sexy bad boy starring in all of my dirty dreams...;) He's so bad it hurts, and his sexiness stuns me. His mind is so twisted and sardonic, I would not be surprised if he and the Devil were in cahoots. ;)

In truth, I didn't really have an attraction towards James until Cam was casted as him. As soon as I saw Cam shirtless, I was like, "He. Is. Mine." XD Yeah, it was like, "LOVE at first BITE." (Hah! You see that? Totally made a classic vamp joke! XD)

So, yeah, James colors my socks, and I'm upset/glad to see him gone in Twilight. Glad because he can't terroize the Cullens and Bella anymore, and upset because MY BABY'S GONE!! :cry: ;)
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Re: James

Post by DudeRocksTheTwilight » Mon Mar 02, 2009 8:49 am

Let me just say one thing; when I read Twilight I thought the old vampire who turned Alice was Carlisle! LOL I know. I think James was the main reason for all the rest of the action in the other books. I wish SM had developed him more and not killed him right away.
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Re: James

Post by theotherStephanie » Wed Dec 16, 2009 10:48 pm

Just finished reading Twilight yet again, and was struck once more about Bella's description of James. On page 445 she says, "He was so very average-looking, nothing remarkable about his face or body at all." And on page 376 when the nomads first appeared in the baseball clearing, James is described as "his light brown hair and regular features both nondescript." This implies strongly to me that James was not at all beautiful and alluring to his prey like one would expect a vampire to be from SM's mythology. On page 413 Alice mentions the reference of being physically attractive to their prey, like a carnivorous flower (tied in with the attractive scent as well).

Now, I know somewhere in the story there is the theme that the transformation process beautifies the individual being changed. In light of the descriptions of James, is there anyone else besides me who thinks that James might have been on the plain or unattractive side when he was human?
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