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Re: Sequels

Post by Janie »

I'm not happy that BD is the last book but I want no other sequels. I think it wouldn't have been the same. I mean, everyone has their happy end so what would it have been about? But what I really want and maybe even NEED is Midnight Sun to be finished and rest of the books from Edward's POV! I love Edward since I read MS and I want more of him! Even New Moon and BD during Bella's pregnancy - I know it would have been really depressive reading but it would have been also very interesting.
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Re: Sequels

Post by TheLionsLamb »

Prehaps something in Renesmees point of view. But unwound love to read a sequel about Bellas life as a vampire and her life with Edward. I'm so sad that breaking dawn was the last book and that Stephanie Meyer originally planned for it to be a longer sereis

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Re: Sequels

Post by PetiteSageHibou »

Interesting :)

I don't think there's much else S.M could do with the series, everyone got their happy ending :D Of course it would be great to see M.S finished, but what I'm really excited for is the possibility of an alternate ending :D S.M mentions on her website that at one point, she was being pressured to finish the series at 3 books, and so she had a different ending planned than the one we experience in B.D. I'd love to read that :D

Something else which could be really neat is a series of novella's based previously to Twilight, showing us the other Cullen couples meeting ^_^ It'd be so sweet! Yes, we already know their stories, but it'd be neat to see Carlisle/Esme/Rosalie/Emmet/Jasper/Alice fall in love, as we have with Edward/Bella :)

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Re: Sequels

Post by Silver Rose »

At the end of BD, Edward tells his family that after the Volturi regain their confidence, they will want to come back and pick them off one by one. Then everyone says that they will all get together again becuase it's time to end the Voltui.

I would like to read about just that. Another confrontation between the Volturi and the Cullens & Co. I was disappointed that everyone got their happy ending. I wanted to see some action. But no, the whole book was just.... dialogue.
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Re: Sequels

Post by babynessie_18 »

From Breaking Dawn (book), What else is there? I know the twilight fans are craving for more.. Could they possibly consider making a movie/book about each Cullen Couple??? You know, Carlisle and Esme, Jasper and Alice, Emmett and Rosalie.. Because Twilight concentrated on Bella and Edward.. And after the Cullen Couples, the Quileutes with their imprinted femalesI would love to watch a movie/ read a book about this.. ;)
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Re: Sequels

Post by abbyweyr »

I've only read through a few pages on this question. Some have voiced concerns about continueing the romance aspect and some have said everyone has a happy ending. There are other directions thing could go without the romance aspect. But for romance there is Leah because she does not yet have her happy ending. I'm interested in her story, how she learns or if she does learn anger management, go to college, she might have to wait for one of the younger boys to grow up to imprint or wait longer for one of current ones to have boy children. Or maybe finds love without imprinting.
Also for romance, Jacob and Nessie. I think she will grow up thinking of Jake as a friend / best uncle.. When she looks 18yo, her actual age will be 7-8yo. As Nessie is growing up, she won't be able to have the social experiences outside of family. Ok, she learns and matures rapidly, but there is still life experiences she will need to go through to be ready for a mature romance with Jake. He will have to wait for her and I think he will have to court her before she sees him in a romantic way. With a mind reading father that could be interesting to say the least. ;) Poor Jacob.

The Volutari conflict is the non-romance way to go (though Jacob/Nessie could be a part of that story). They have to come after the Cullens side again and it will likely by a physical fight(s). They took a hit and won't be able to just let it go. I imagine Aro setting up some of the talented guard males to make some hybrids as a way to get around Alice as well as to see what ways the talent might permutate. They might have to find and change a good doctor / researcher depending on what find from Nahuel's father or maybe not change him, just get him to work for them.

There are some prequels that could be interesting. We don't know alot about Alice's searching years. Even some stories of Carlisle as traveled and learned through Europe. What historical things might he have personally witnessed? More background on the Denali clan, including newest member Garrett. Even Victoria might be interesting to see how she came to be a vampire. James not so much, I don't think he was a nice human. Victoria, I'm a little iffy about her as a human.

There is always fan fiction to go in what ever direction with which ever character most want to know more of.
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Re: Sequels

Post by Kiri »

There is a definite story still with Jacob and Nessie.
Even though I thought they treated Jacob almost pet like in BD and the fact that he imprinted on Nessie did not sit well with me I think I might change my mind in the stories were Nessie is an adult and with Jacob.
I almost need some clarity on why she ended the book the way she did.
So I really wish she would write their story out so I could finally be at peace with it and understand.
Because with the books being as they are I really am still very "weirded out" by Jacob imprinting with her.
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Re: Sequels

Post by Tornado »

I would like to see more with the Jacob/Nessie side of things, especially a fight for her hand with Nahuel! Also, if the Volturi let Joham live, I would like him to meet the Cullen. Perhaps the Volturi might spare him, hoping they can use him to get to the Cullens, particularly Renesmee.

I would also love to read the second book of Breaking Dawn from Bella or Edward's perspective.
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Re: Sequels

Post by jennaentrust »

AgentCross sorry I am confused she did write books for Bella's daughters!?! I hope she publishes them! Now I'm so excited for something that may never be published! :heartbroke:
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Re: Sequels

Post by michelle »

OK, it's not exactly about a sequel but...

Stephenie once said (was it on Personal Correspondence? I'm not sure where I read it) that she will not write the entire saga from EPV, because when Midnight Sun will be published people will know the way Edward thinks, so there will be no need to sit and write all four books from his perspective.

From the little I have read from Midnight Sun, I say -and I believe I'm not alone on this- that I DIE to read the whole saga from EPV! How could Stephenie believe that we will not be interested in something that she writes? Even if she wrote an essay on how should society assign value to human life :?, I would personally read it gladly.

So I cross my fingers that she will change her mind, but I will still cherish her no matter what! ;)
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