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Re: Sequels

Post by redmist »

I totally get the differing opinions here.I have mixed feelings after reading all 4 books.
Part of me simply craves more of the same,for Steph to carry on the story.It is her incredible work in that she really makes u feel like you almost know these characters for real and therefore you want to delve deeper and know even more.
I would love to see how Bella goes from here.Will she still go to Dartmouth with Edward?What will happen with Charlie,Renee,her school friends?
Another part of me would hate for people to accuse Steph of 'milking it' if she was to continue the story into a 5th or 6th book and sadly this would,I feel,happen.
As the old adage goes,'You can't keep everyone happy all the time'. ;)
Whatever happens,I know we are all happily alog for the ride. :mrgreen:
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Re: Sequels

Post by EandB »

I have so many ideas.After reading all 4 books it just doesn't feel finished to me.
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Re: Sequels

Post by andrea0908 »

Hi guyz! Please have time to read my next post. I would love to know your reactions and comments. It is quite long, but I still hope you spare some time. Please understand my English and grammar too. It's not my home language. I tried to explain well what I came up with after reading all the books. It is your opinion if you find it senseless or sensible. Thank you, enjoy! ;)
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Re: Sequels

Post by andrea0908 »

Hey, I just want to share with you guys what is in my head. Do you think a fifth book is possible? Could it be in Edward's perspective, aside from midnight sun and the other entire three books counterpart? Considering Bella's purpose in life had ended very well in BD as she wished for it. Therefore, she has done with her POV's already. It’s just that I found BD unsatisfying, with plot holes. Maybe SM would find a way to fill in the holes that were left open in BD. (I don’t want to feel disappointed, I love the books, I love SM, she is so brilliant. It is only that, I am not satisfied, that's the word. I want more. This time, with improved, deeper and more matured characters. She left it hanging actually.) It is time for Edward I think to tell us the upcoming stories of his family since he and Bella are together now. The werewolves too with Jacobs POV. Renesmee’s POV as well, to enhance her character and give her much and heavier purpose in life of that world. A good twist. A different angle to consider.

A purpose maybe that would unite the vampire world to humans once again; since she is a half vampire and half-human hybrid. Moreover, she was the product of true love of Edward and Bella, both of different worlds. Edward's extreme sacrifice to control the monster in him could be the test of his nature, if he could love or only destroy another human life again. Yet, he had overcome the desire to destroy and resisted, the sweetest scent of blood he ever smelled in his entire existence, because he embraced the desire of LOVE to a human. The only human woman whose thoughts are hidden from Edward and the vamps leader Aro. Perhaps that was also the sign that Bella(a woman) who was nobody in her old world, was born after a hundred plus years, destined to bear that child and be the queen, the most powerful protector of their coven or family as they prefer...the beginning of a new vampire world. Bella's nature and personality suits the entire transformation. From an ordinary woman who fell in love with a vampire (even if Edward is the forbidden fruit-love) became the most important character because she delivered the child, their only hope, their new life. Perhaps, this is the reason why she was always in trouble during her human life all throughout Eclipse. Maybe Edward and Bella are the chosen and the promise one to their kind. There is now light at the end of the tunnel. A sun in their darkest nights.

They once discussed about their existence, if they still have the spirits if they die, and Carlisle believes they still have, it was just lost. Edward thought he is already in heaven when he saw Bella in New Moon, yet that concept is still uncertain for them. To connect all these, they have to go back to their beginnings. How they exist? Is it through a curse? Is it through a demonic act by someone to protect a loved one? We heard lots of legends and stories about the origin of vampires. We had seen many movies how they started. Mostly it was still because of love. Nevertheless, SM never mentioned in her books how her vampires have started. What is their basic story? She only mentioned how they were created. Like her wolves –the wolf pack, they have its own story, its origin, and its legend through the Quileutte tribe. Maybe SM should create a story behind her twilight sagas stories now. She has created a different world of vampires, (not scary ones, lived with humans) so why not create the whole universe this time, everything. The legend of her vampires. Their origin, their quest, their hopes and determination. Finally, the answer to their mystical existence-the resolution. Edward mentioned in one of the books,if they were only given the chance to be human once again, with all the risks,he will take it for Bella. He hates who he is now. A monster. Bella wants to be a vampire with him because he existed forever,age frozen forever. She wants to be with him FOREVER. Could this FOREVER mean another thing?

I remember SM stated through Eleazar or Garret...what if they will defeat the will change their way of life"...probably, a new life that awaits them, in the future. Maybe this is it now. This child is not just a Renesmee, but also a child with the purpose. Not a destroyer of the entire saga ( as what the other readers and commentators have said), but the reason behind the saga. Her birth was possibly, the only turning point of the vampire world to embrace the human world again, yet how? Maybe she is the missing link. Along with Jacob-the true Alpha, who imprinted to Renesmee, daughter of their natural enemy, is very unusual and the first one. Most likely, it is another sign that this child is the only bearer of goodwill to their kind. Not only the idea of Jacob had found his happiness at last, but maybe because he, as the true wolf-leader, the descendant of Ephraim Black-the spirit warrior, destined to help Renesmees’ journey and became their allies. Perhaps, the researches of Carlisle and Edward for Renesmee’s existence lead to something else. A new discovery of their origin. The root cause of their existence, with unexpected PROPHECY? This could lead more of Carlisle’s, Volturi’s and Romanian’s backstories then. Their centuries of ruling.

I do not know how to describe all these crazy ideas. I only want this out of my head. I am sorry. That is how obsessed I am. However, I really think a fifth book or books are still possible.

There are lots & lots of stuffs for SM to tell to her readers;

1).The impending Volturi fight in Edwards perspective (Actually, the volturi has the reason or the excuse to fight the Cullens, because of Charlie's awareness of their world. Charlie is not an idiot, to just sit down and not investigate or not to think about it even if he stopped everyone not to tell him the details. If it concerns about her daughter then why not know everything? Moreover, he hangs out with Billy and Sue, who are well aware of their surroundings. Charlie might had figured it out for sure in the process. With Aro's power, not a single thought had escaped him right. When he touched Edward and Renesmee, the memories, every single thought and memory, he is aware of it. Renesmee knew her grandpa Charlie, who visited her almost everyday, and she holds those memories. Aro should have said, "Another human is aware of our existence" I indeed thought Volturis' another reason is Charlie then, yet not mentioned. In addition, I do not think Volturi will win the fight. I am sure it is the Cullens and the allies! Even the mind game chess, a physical attack is necessary to win the game! If the Cullen rules, there is one thing I am sure of their new rule--" Spare a human life". SM should have hurt her characters; they are so perfect. She is afraid to hurt them. We the fans are afraid too. Needless to say, that are how good and heartbreaking stories should come up with.

A happy ending is happy if worth the efforts and sacrifices. If she does not like hurting them to death. She might had ravaged and broke one leg of Rosalie and Bellas' arm (casualties, for the wolves too) and bring them back to Voltera, when they will retreat the fight, because they are losing it. Consequently, Edward and Emmet will have the reason to go to Italy with the other vamps to destroy them, devastate all of them to death, and retrieve the leg of Rose and Bella’s arm, whatever….hahaha) Well, not really like that. There really must have a fight, casualties are inevitable. Besides, they all think of Volturi’s returning, not forgetting and forgiving them of what had happened.

Furthermore, how about Edward and Bella’s vampiric love life? Well, it had ended fantastically after all. Maybe a different story of their love this time. Would there be a plot of their college days? Their visit to Renee with Renesmee? The passports of Jacob and Renesmee? Could those still be used? How interesting the scene might had been, when it was actually used in BD. Is their anything to share still? Charlie’s fate? Who else’s fate?

2.) Jacobs POV, for the packs activities as well as helping Renesmee’s journey. Perhaps a story of Leah’s mysterious shape-shifting, as their first female wolf. The unrecognized step-brother of the either three wolves. The “might be’s “ of having two alphas. (There might be betrayal and chaos in the future. There could not have two packs forever. Conflicts in decisions, and the selfishness of power and authority). And there are 17 of them now, if I had it right. Seth’s major role and his imprinting. Many wolf thing to do still.

3.) Renesmees’ POV with Bella or Edward, of her journey for their new world, her mission, her adventures, her quests and purpose to resolve their mystical existence and change their way of life. (Like Lord of the rings or Narnia, or Harry Potter...haha not particularly but a different original one. Well with this one, she will capture the attention of the entire family). She is a non-venomous vamp with a soul. Not a lost or frozen soul. The Jacob-Nessie thing. A certainty of Love triangle? Would there be? Not while she is younger. As what I have said, a story behind the sagas entire story. If love is the root cause of their monstrous existence, then, could it be love too is the only way for that CHANGE? It evolves from there. Maybe Alice’ POV too only if Edward was not around.

Again lots of stuffs for Steph to tell us, with her wild imagination...more books I guess on the go. Can you people help me with this idea, crazy, funny, stupid, ridiculous, whatever? That’s all, thank you. Hope to hear from you really. :roll:
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Re: Sequels

Post by andypalmer »

My ideas:

1. Trip to Brazil
Bella will want to thank the native woman for her bravery and also assure her that she's ok. Showing Renesmee to her and showing that they are a happy family would be fitting too, though might be disclosing too much. The four of them ( + Jacob) could go hunting in the amazon and might encounter a native tribe with a magical background similar to the Quileutes, but shapeshifting to Jaguars instead of Wolves. Jacob would likely be the answer for a fight not occurring, but it would create some interesting dynamics, especially when considering that cats have a completely different "pack" mentality than wolves. Definitely a more fun than serious idea, but it would be an entertaining ride.

2. Leah's Boyfriend
We all know Leah, in human-form, is "frozen", but what about her wolf form? Any of the Quileutes are out of the question, as would be a typical wolf, but what about a true werewolf? It would give SM an opportunity to explore that part of her mythos that she's only touched upon. We can assume that werewolves, in wolf form, are similar in size to the shapeshifters so a meeting between Leah and a lone werewolf would create some sparks, especially as they discover their true origins. We can assume that werewolves are no more "always' evil than vampires are, but it certainly won't be a relationship easy accepted by either the pack or the Cullens. Add in an unexpected pregnancy and you have even more possibilities.

3. Nessie's Clock
Resnesmee will be fully mature in 6 years and then frozen like all other vampires. It can be assumed that she will grow and mature normally, albeit at an accelerated rate. While her Amazon "cousins" are not familiar enough with their humanity to know what they are missing, Nessie will be. She'll understand about children and how her mother got the "best of both worlds" by having her. As she approaches her "freeze", at 17 (in hybrid years), will she decide that she wants a child before she's unable to have one? It's not something Jacob would refuse her at that point, but Edward likely wouldn't understand (I can't predict Bella's reaction). A 3/4 human, 1/4 vampire with the shapeshifter gene passed down from the Alpha would be an intriguing combination.
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Re: Sequels

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

I felt at the end of the Twilight Series. That the ending was perfect but I wanted more. SM has so much material here that she could go on for awhile. Plus I think she is a great story teller. But I do hesitate if I want her to go on. Hopefully I can explain it clearly. You know how there are certain series that where going to be canceled or they where going to end it and ended up coming back for a few more seasons and you wonder why because the last few season where horrible. I just don't want that to happen with Twilight.

For example everyone wanted a fight scene at the end even though that wasn't the way the Cullens lived. But lets just say there was a fight scene in the next book that she was going to continue and Bella and Edward died. Would you be happy the series continued? I wouldn't be. It could even be a minor character such as Jasper or Alice I would be just as upset if any of the Cullens died. So I am kinda torn. Would love to hear your thoughts.
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Re: Sequels

Post by misspikaboo »

I was thinking about this the other day. I wanted a short story on the enigmatic and reclusive Marcus. If Bree tanner can have her story told, why not Marcus? He already has so much more to offer as well as already being an accomplished character that readers will want to know more about.

I think he has one of the most romantic and dramatic stories that is never fully told. I want to know how Marcus came to be a vampire, how he met and fell in love with Didyme, what his inner most thoughts were that led Aro to fear their relationship and eventually kill his own sister. Marcus' story has the potential to have everything twilight had and so much more.
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Re: Sequels

Post by Italiahaircolor »


I am new here...but this is something my friends and I discuss a lot...

I can't, like so many of you, believe that the story is just "over". As a big lover of the story itself--I always feel like I need more. I really believe SM would do well writing the series again...but from Edwards mindset. Similar to the surface she cracked, but some deeper.

We all know the mourning Bella felt when he left...but what did he feel?

We, the fans, just need that.
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Re: Sequels

Post by BabyEsme2203 »

i think maybe they should do more about the cullens PAST. like from carlisle point of view, an entire story, instead of just a little bit of breif explanation. Plus eddie once told us that he used to have a "god complex" and decide who should die, and he went through a phase of drinking blood. i would like to know about that, as it happened.

so not a sequeal, but rather, a PREquel
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Re: Sequels

Post by melmargaret »

I'd like to know more about nomads from their perspective. We've gotten a novella from Bree's perspective, but that was only about newborns. As readers, we don't know much about the lives of nomads. It would be interesting to see a story on how Garrett lived his life as a normal, nomadic vampire before he met Kate and then after he met her.
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