How many times have you read the saga?

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Re: How many times have you read the saga?

Post by smitten_by_twilight »

Ah, Tornado, now I empathize. Six Cullen-less days while trudging through New Moon! Jacob, wonderful as he is, is only a stand-in. When I am re-reading the books, I still walk around with a book in one hand while doing everything - except washing the dishes, showering, and consoling children. I doubt that I have spent more than two Cullen-less days.
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Re: How many times have you read the saga?

Post by Tornado »

It was no fun, I can tell you. It made me feel renewed sympathy for Bella, having to go without any Cullens in her life for months.
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Re: How many times have you read the saga?

Post by EverythingRemindsMeOfTwili »

My mom and I have been exchanging emails every day discussing a quote from each of the books, and getting through the Cullen-less parts took months. It was depressing and made getting to Italy SUCH a relief!! Now, we're starting Eclipse. :D
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Re: How many times have you read the saga?

Post by mybrandofheroin »

I keep track in my books. :D

Twilight - 29 times
New Moon - 16 times (I'm reading it again right now)
Eclipse - 6 times
Breaking Dawn - 4 times
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