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by Leah W
Sat Aug 07, 2010 11:49 pm
Forum: Sparkling in the Sun
Topic: Amun and Kebi
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Re: Amun and Kebi

DudeRocksTheTwilight wrote:Why do you think Kebi kept quiet? Was she stupid or obedient?
I personally have two theories?
I personally think she didn't know the language and Amun was translating everything for her and she heard what he wanted her to here. Not to mention she didn't know anyone,
Liam was the same way.
by Leah W
Wed Jul 21, 2010 12:16 am
Forum: Walking Around in the Newbie's Shoes
Topic: Fred's Power and Where Is He Now
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Re: Fred's Power and Where Is He Now

Fred is left to the imagination! As human I would imagin him to be some sort of nerd that made people want to stay away form him those. I think he most likely heard of what happend to Bree from other sources (The Cullens do have freinds who talk) maybe he ran into the Delinis and found out the turth...
by Leah W
Tue Jul 20, 2010 12:51 am
Forum: Sparkling in the Sun
Topic: Sulpicia, Athenodora and Didyme
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Re: Sulpicia, Athenodora and Didyme

I see it a little diffrently, and disagree with me if you will.... Sulipica fell in love with Aro before he came into power, and stood by his side since than. She does however feel a little sadden that every other vamprie veiws their mate as number one, and she is some where down the line. But she l...