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Jasper Hale

Post by Bronze Haired Girl »

This is the place to discuss all the things you've wondered about Jasper as an individual. Keep posts about Jasper and Alice's relationship to the general discussion forum in Quench Your Thirst.

Please remember the Discussion Guidelines. Posts will be edited or deleted as needed at the moderators' discretion without warning.
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Re: Jasper Hale

Post by leahlovetwilight »

jasper hale.
him and alice.
so is he technically older then edward?
i will never understand why bella always
seems to think that he doesnt like her.
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Re: Jasper Hale

Post by brunetterebel010 »

Yes, Jasper is older than Edward.
He was changed during the Civil War (don't remember exactly what year and my friend has my copy of Eclipse)
He was about 17 or 18 at the time so he may be slightly older than Edward as far as his human life I'm not sure.
But he is definately older when you total his entire existence. He was a vampire 40 years before Edward was born.
He's the oldest Cullen next to Carlisle.
(although technically Esme was 26 when she changed so shes lived the longest human)
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Re: Jasper Hale

Post by boomergrant »

I am truly intrigue with Jasper.
How does someone deal with all the emotions flowing around them?
It's like reading someone's mind, but not knowing the thoughts behind the feelings.
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Re: Jasper Hale

Post by hazelred »

Jasper is my favourite by miles he just makes my heart go all sing song
yes he's dangerous and of course thats v appealing but he's often shown to have a very strong moral core despite his more animalistic urges, which is sexier the fact that he might turn around and devour you in three bites or his deeply fraught emotional battles, hmmmm i just cant decide :)
im not going to post spoilers but i fell in lurve with him again in Breaking Dawn (The discription of him after Bella sees him for the "first" time... my heart broke a little :) )

Edward, Jasper, and Garrett my own personal holy trinity ;)
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Re: Jasper Hale

Post by Miss Vengeance »

Jasper is my favorite character in the entire series. He's just such a good and interesting character. It would be nice to know what he has to say during some of the situations throughout the saga. Especially what effect it has on his attitude because of his ability to feel emotions.
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Re: Jasper Hale

Post by SeverusSnape11221 »

Jasper is such an interesting character... I would really like to hear New Moon from his POV. Maybe SM will post some stuff from his POV on her website. :)
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Re: Jasper Hale

Post by Gitta »

The reason that I love Jasper is that he really struggels with sticking to the vegetarian diet. That makes him so much stronger than the others in many way. You can compare it an alcoholic. Lets say that you've been an alcoholic for about one year it's quite hard to stop drinking but it's possible. If you instead have been an alcoholic for ten years then it's going to be much more difficult beacuse you are so used to it.
The thing i like about Jasper is that he is really ashamed of beeing "the weekest link" and he really wants to change taht makes him som much more lovable and likeable in my eyes. Another thing about Jasper is that he can give up his prefered lifestile to be with Alice I mean that's so cute.
And at last I think it really makes a character more inresting if he/she has a flaw and a struggle. He and Leah was the only ones who had a rough time at the end if BD
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Re: Jasper Hale

Post by Auctorita »

Jasper is pretty awesome. I felt so sorry for him i Breaking Dawn when him and Alice return and everyone is like "Alice!". They completely ignore Jasper. Was it just me or did he suddenly become such a minor character in BD after Bella notices all his scars?
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Re: Jasper Hale

Post by mlola619 »

I really love Jasper- he seems to be so thoughtful and intelligent in all the right ways. He seems to be very conservative and to himself- though not to the point of an outcast. I think he's definitely an honorable character. He gave up his whole lifestyle for Alice- so heartwarming! Not only that but i love the trust he puts in her; from the lifestyle he had of constant rage and conflict it's nice to see how one person changed all of that for him...

I'm also kind of upset how Bella always came to the conclusion that he didn't like her- he just had a hard time resisting the pull of her "candy sweet" scent- but he did it right?? JASPER IS DA SHIZ hehe
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