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Re: Esme Cullen

Post by ShoTheCat »

I really like Esme, she´s so much of a person that I´d want to be. I mean, she´s organized and always gentle and she really cares about people even if they see her as the enemy (like Jacob for example).
Plus, I really think Carlisle and her are like, the perfect couple.
But then sometimes I´d just like to know what she´s thinking, you know? I think she´s one of the characters that I don´t know well enough to tell.
But from how I think she is, I like her very much (sorry if that´s confusing anyone :lol: )
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Re: Esme Cullen

Post by BabyEsme2203 »

:lol: thats not confusing hun. but i agree with your point, sometimes it would be nice to get a little bit MORE insight into what she's thinking and feeling.
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