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Re: Alec

Post by Hohenstaufen »

Iroc24 wrote:So I was just listening to the audiobook of NM and it's at the point where we meet Alec for the first time. It made me interested in looking something up and when I went to Alec's bio on the Lexicon I noticed it was never updated with the release of BD.

His bio lists his special talent as "Alec’s gift is more potent than Jane’s, but we do not know what it is. We do know that it is because of his gift that the Volturi guard is invincible."

I think someone needs to update that to include his actual power since we now know he cuts off senses with some sort of fog.
Au contraire. Yes, the Volturi are invincible to some, but not to the cullens. Not while Bella is around. See, Alec can't penetrate Bella's shield, can he? So in this small case, they're not as invincible as they're primarily used to.
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Re: Alec

Post by Jazzy'sgirl112108 »

ok, i think alec's power is super awesome!!!! i'd totally want that power. wonder what he did to get that in his human life? :? that'd be interesting to find out. jane too. and can i just point out that alec is very cute from what i've seen of the new moon trailers?? ;)
btw, this is my 300th post!! ya me! ;) :lol:
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Re: Alec

Post by openfire »

edward'sstupidlamb wrote:I kinda see Alec being sweet... you know in a very evil way but yea... kinda :)
Yeah I kinda agree too. As much as I know he's evil, I really kinda like him, I kinda think he's hot :oops: :lol: Actually, you know how in Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince, you find out all about Voldemort when he was younger? I think that same about him!

Man maybe I'm just all for the bad boys :lol: :lol:
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Re: Alec

Post by swedishskinjer »

There seems to be one downside to Alec's "gift": it manifests itself in a visible fog, which means that you know when his ability is activated. He can't "quietly" hide it, as potent as his ability is.
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Re: Alec

Post by Volterrian »

Yes that's true, his ability does have a visual effect to it, allowing people to see if. But as Benjamin showed its an illusion, wind cannot stop it. So hiding behind something like a wall may not even slow it down. It just keeps following you without stopping or being hindered by anything (Except Bella's freaky brain).

Alec to me as always seemed the kinder, but probably not by much. Like with most vampires, he can be a nice guy, but hit the right switch and he is gonna show you how dark he can go. I always saw him manifesting his power as a way to lessen the pain of his sister. Imagine the one person you have in life, the only one who means anything to you screaming in agony. Who wouldn't want to take their pain away.

Alec to me has the more go with the flow mentality, his sister is with the volturi so he stays with them. I cannot imagine Alec without Jane. They are just to close, they are each others support the ones who know everything about each other (Save for Aro). If Jane died, I think it would be like Alec lost his mate, while they are (At least I hope) not intimate they are each others other half, they are so closely intertwined that you cannot really see where one ends and the other begins most of the time.

Alec's power is by far more psychologically terrifying, knowing its coming for you, knowing that he can make sure you never escape it, and knowing what it does.. that's true terror. I see him using his power on his human prey, among all the screams and terror of the 'Dinning Hall' he could simply touch them and end everything for them in one second (By touch I mean get so close then his fog would pretty much instantly effect them) and then feed without them feeling any pain. Passing into darkness without feeling a thing sounds better then dieing in pain, most of the time.

If Alec was inclined I think that he could destroy the Volturi, and simply do it by leaving. I have a feeling that the guard's fear Jane because of her use of her power, I think they are terrified of Alec because of how powerful he really is.. you cannot get close to him without losing your senses and once that is done.. as Kate said 'All it takes is a second'.
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