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Re: Renee Dwyer

Post by holdingoutforjacob »

Really? I feel like she was kind of an awful mother. Well not an awful mother, but not even really a mother, you know? She's a lovely lovely person, but motherhood just doesn't seem to be her thing.

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Re: Renee Dwyer

Post by ariadnee »

Something just occurred to me that hadn't occurred to me before. Renee is easily misdirected. We see Bella do it to her in Eclipse, and even Bella is a little dismayed by how easy it is to do. I'm sure the Cullens, especially Carlisle, who is so reassuring and confident, can misdirect Renee for a long, long, time during Bella's illness and recovery. They are all accomplished liars, both due to their lack of tells and their long history of subterfuge amongst humans.

Charlie, on the other hand, is a police officer, and very single-minded about Bella. He doesn't automatically trust other people's opinions over his own like Renee does. He keeps his own council and forms his own ideas more often than anyone else in the story. So where Renee will take Carlisle at his word and assume that Bella is in good hands, Charlie has to see it himself to believe it. This explains why Renee is unconcerned about Bella's mysterious illness, and Charlie gets suspicious.

However, something will begin to bother Renee eventually, and she'll figure out that something is up. Her intuition will eventually come to bear. I hope they've come up with a good story long before that happens!

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Re: Renee Dwyer

Post by FigureSk8r13 »

I think it is kind of sad that Renee was not included more in the story. She and Bella were apparently very close when she was younger. She doesn't even know that she has a granddaughter (Half vampire, lol, but still!) But then again, Renee kind of annoys me. She acts so childish, rather that Bella's the mother and Renee's the child.
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