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Re: Charlie Swan

Post by jonsgirljen »

slayerchick303 wrote:I did kind of think that Charlie and Sue Clearwater would become a couple. I don't know whether they would get married, but they'd fall in love.
I thought so too. I think that they can understand each other very well, and that they both have amazing things happening in their families, except that Sue actually knows the whole story while Charlie is on a "need to know" basis, but that's how he wants it. I think that Charlie and Sue would be good for each other, and I also think that it was heading in that direction.
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Re: Charlie Swan

Post by bite_me »

I hated the Charlie-Sue thing!!

I don't know why, but Charlie in love . . . it doesn't seem to fit. He's so solitary, and has been for all those years, I can;t imagine him changing his habits enough for a long-term, full relationship.

But I love the view of Charlie as a grandpa!! It's like all the affection he never got a chance to show Bella, or was too scared to, spilled out for Renesmee.
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Re: Charlie Swan

Post by StarEmerson »

Charlie and Sue's relationship really shocked me, I didn't see that happening.

It was quite strange how it was wrapped up in a sentence, Bella was like, they are close and I can tell they are in love, thats Chariles happy ending.

You know what I mean, it's like SM quikly put it in, to give Charlie a happy ending too, but it was a last min thing?

But maybe I feel that way because I just didnt see it coming?
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Re: Charlie Swan

Post by Amethyst1 »

Other than Edward, my heart breaks for him. i mean. I don't blame Bella or anything. but everything she does, does hurt him. it makes me so sad. and now watching the movie, i find myself crying for Charlie again. I mean
--you're daughter that you love moves in with you and your happy and then she throws a "i don't want to end up in this stupid town like mom" (again i don't blame bella. but just, that hurt him abviously)
--new moon comes and your daughter is catontic and is lifeless.
--breaking dawn and she becomes sick but you can't see her. and then she becomes a vampire and you notice all the changes and it hurts you too (and the cullens wil move in a few years so...)
that's why i was so freaking HAPPY when him and Sue got together. he finally has someone. I think he went though hurt and pain but he hides it well. i am really glad that he's not going to end up all alone now and he gets a grandaughter too :D

and i think Charlie is a really cool dad too.
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Re: Charlie Swan

Post by holdingoutforjacob »

the ONLY time i cried or came close during the movie was when bella was leaving her dad. that's it.

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Re: Charlie Swan

Post by annabelle »

Charlie + Billy = OTP. They go fishing together, they're best friends, the way Billy was glaring at Charlie when news about Sue came in. No, Billy doesn't want Sue, he's lusting over Charlie there.

I think with Charlie, he doesn't get Bella. She's a teenager, and like all father's, are absolutely clueless to what to do with a teenage girl at one point or another. I felt bad for Charlie when Bella just left him in Twilight and New Moon, and it was kinda selfish of Bella to leave him hanging like that. Charlie tries to understand his daughter and doesn't what he thinks is right for her before himself, which sometimes he doesn't rationalize things properly. He's very protective of her, especially against Edward, and since Jacob is the son of his best friend, he wanted him and Bella to be together. Now, some people aren't on the Bella and Jacob boat, but no boy is ever really right for their daughter and he was just looking out for her.

Charlie had to deal with a lot of crap Bella gave him, but he executed it like a father would. Too bad he was left in the back though. And his pornstache is all kinds of hotness.
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Re: Charlie Swan

Post by bubblylittlealice »

annabelle wrote: Charlie had to deal with a lot of crap Bella gave him, but he executed it like a father would. Too bad he was left in the back though.
I agree, if i was Charlie i would think Bella is bi-polar. One min, she is all nice and next she is mad. But she doesn't tell him much in twilight
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Re: Charlie Swan

Post by Humbled »

Like when he went nuts worrying about Bella when she was zombiefied, or pushed her to see Jake when he saw that Jacob broke through her shell. Or, when he grounded her and despised Edward because he hurt his Daughter. Or when he accepted Bella after her metamorphasis despite the fact that so much was different about her.
I hope, as a father, that I can live up to Charlie's standards.
I also hope that didnt comeout too harsh.
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Re: Charlie Swan

Post by -Jasper »

I like Charlie, very sweet and very funny.
He could have been a little more concerned when Bella broke her hand though.
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Re: Charlie Swan

Post by NayobiWan »

Okay, so I'm not a usual @ this thread, but I've been having this question about Charlie ever since I finished Breaking Dawn: does he ever truly find out what the Cullens are? I know he knows (or at least sees) what Jacob & the pack are, but I never really understood the whole "need-to-know" part. I have to say, Breaking Dawn seemed like the most rushed of the saga; it has kind of an impractical ending. :/
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