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Esme Cullen

Post by Bronze Haired Girl »

This is the place to discuss all the things you've wondered about Esme as an individual. Keep posts about Esme and Carlisle's relationship to the general discussion forum in Quench Your Thirst.

Please remember the Discussion Guidelines. Posts will be edited or deleted as needed at the moderators' discretion without warning.
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Re: Esme Cullen

Post by Elizabeth »

I wish we would've seen more of her character in the books. Even as a vampire, she was so caring and nuturing- ultimate mommy mode. Had the Volturi conflict gone the other route, I know what Stephenie meant by not having many survive. Esme is the slowest of the Cullens, or at least it's implied in BD, and she doesn't have a superpower and she isn't inclined to violence. If she had died, I would've cried. The Happy Ending was necessary to me in this regard because I didn't want to see any of the Cullens or new friends to die.
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Re: Esme Cullen

Post by LadyDi »

Esme was the one who finally made me shed tears while reading Breaking Dawn.
The first time I read through, I was just going fast, so that I could find out what happened.
On my second read, the moment when Esme, breath heaving, walks to join Carlisle's side as they believe they are going to die (page 724, if you want to know), had my eyes leaking and my heart breaking.

However, despite her motherly appearance, she has many other attributes. They tend to get overshadowed by her nurturing ways (giving Jacob food and clothes for the new pack, for example, or weeping / rejoicing when Alice leaves / returns) but they are present.
One example - her organization. She designed and created the interior of Edward and Bella's stone cottage. The division in the Cullen family over Bella's pregnancy showed that she does not just follow what Carlisle decides. After all, she sides with Rose and Bella and thinks they should carry the pregnancy to term, and no one accuses Esme of ulterior motives (unlike Rose, whom everyone believes has a personal interest in the baby).

I wonder how she felt when the baby was partially named after her?
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Re: Esme Cullen

Post by twilightluver27 »

Esme is so caring and that's what I like most about her. She takes care of everyone in her family and she goes into hysterics when Alice and Jasper leaves which shows how much she loved them. Also, she was nice to Jacob, Leah, and Seth even though they don't like vampires (well except for Seth). She tries providing them with homely essentials even though Leah is a jerk about it and throws everything downriver. So overall I like Esme because of her personality and compassion for others.
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Re: Esme Cullen

Post by Edward-Bella-forever »

I love her... she's such a motherly figure, kindhearted, caring, and loving.
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Re: Esme Cullen

Post by Venecettia »

I would like to have heard more about her. Bella, or anyone who's perspective you read from, actually talked to Esme directly, for a fair amount of time. So I would like to have had Esme maybe have a bigger part.
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Re: Esme Cullen

Post by KaseyHeartEdward »

One of my favorite things in Breaking Dawn is that we were able to see more of Esme! This is one of the things i have been waiting for because she is such a sweet character. And we were able to see how much she truly cared about her family. So i was so happy to see her.
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Re: Esme Cullen

Post by Kachiti »

Venecettia wrote:I would like to have heard more about her. Bella, or anyone who's perspective you read from, actually talked to Esme directly, for a fair amount of time. So I would like to have had Esme maybe have a bigger part.
I totally agree with you. I mean in Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse we are given just a sprinkling. Even in Breaking Dawn we are given a little more about Esme but I still feel like I barely know her. I mean we know more about Roselie, Edward, Jasper, Carlisle and Alice then we do about her, The only exception is Emmett. I really hope in Midnight Sun that we get more of her past (human) story and more about her personality.
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Re: Esme Cullen

Post by urcoolcarrie »

i just think that esme has such a big history, (abusing husband, running away from said husband, etc) and i would have liked to maybe see more about that. i don't know if im explaining this right. maybe if that past had come up more and had something to do with that story. i just think that with that past, something should come into play.

just for anyone that wants to know, i'm beginning a fanfic that has esme as a much bigger character. its called life after death, and if you would like the link, go to the fanfiction thread or pm me.
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Re: Esme Cullen

Post by BiteMeEdward »

I love how kind and caring Esme is. I also loved how in Breaking Dawn we got to see more of her. I actually cried a lot in Breaking Dawn because of Esme's kindness. For example, when she says "goodbye" to Carlisle, when she offers "the benefits of a home" to the werewolves and when she is so sad because of Alice and Jasper leaving. It just goes to show how amazingly sweet she is, even to werewolves.
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