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Re: Billy Black

Post by Jack »

Lightwish wrote:Its a wonder that with all the vampires in the area that Billy didnt turn into a wolf as well. Does anyone know what happened to his legs and why they are destroyed like they are?
That Has been posted in earlier comments. It is because he has diabetes. Also I think it's because he was older. I think that the wolves need to come of age while the vampires were there. That's why it skipped a generation and went to the kids instead of the parents...
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Re: Billy Black

Post by Jazzy'sgirl112108 »

samajama wrote:Before Edward left, I did not like Billy. He was so cold toward Bella and Edward, and I didn't like him for that. I started to like him more in NM because he was kinder to Bella after Edward left, but I didn't like the reason that he was being nicer (the lack of Edward). When Edward returned, and the wolves and the vampires made their sort of peace, I started to really like him. He was nicer and understanding, and just much cooler. I always feel bad for him, though. Overall, he's pretty cool. :)
agreed!! i feel so bad that he's in a wheel chair! he's such an awesome guy! and really funny too! i was sad we didnt see more of him in BD. :(
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Re: Billy Black

Post by michelle »

I like Billy's character. He is a good dad (he made an excellent job raising Jacob on his own), a devoted friend and a worthy "enemy" of the Cullens - one who once he saw he was wrong, he changed his attitude towards them.

I would love to read the scene when he was told that Jacob imprinted on Nessie and also his reaction when he first met her. :cray:
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