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cullensallovamybinda wrote:hey i love..... EMMETT i would love to have a thread could you make it happen for mee plz. anyhoo i think emmett as the protector and if anything the big brother none of them had. he is to me a big reason to there happiness. He is allways so upbeat and him and alice to me bring all the happieness to the cullens iff it weret for them, edward would be a mess of nerves for bella ,rose would just sulk about not being human and jasper would feed of these emotions and feel the sameway. so comment back i would love to hear your thoughts :D


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MOD EDIT: We have an Emmett thread in this forum. It's for serious discussion about the character. If you are looking for something sillier or some place to just gush and be fan-girlly about Emmett then head over to the Team Emmett thread: ... =29&t=1982

Hi, I wanna ask if you could please create a thread for Rosalie and Emmett? It's just a request though..
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